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  • My Fave Way To... Lose 5 Pounds Fast!
    Turbocharge your weight loss and drop the last few stubborn pounds with these slimming secrets from top athletes
  • Step It Up
    Stair workouts are a time-efficient way to blast fat while boosting your lower body
  • Injury-Proof Your Run
    Why expensive shoes are not a ‘magic bullet’ for preventing running injuries
  • Get Your Summer Body
    This four-week program will spark the results you want just in time for bikini season.

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  • Hers Guy: Dwyane Wade
    The NBA superstar, noted fashion plate, and philanthropist proves that he gives his all on the court—and even more off of it
  • Ask the Editor
    Mona Muresan, editor-in-chief of M&F Hers and an IFBB figure pro, answers your burning questions on fitness and training.
  • Hers Girl: Audrina Patridge
    As host of NBC’s travel show 1st Look, the former Hills star is always on the move, but she still finds time to eat clean and stay active
  • Beauty Basics
    For healthier hair, skin, and nails, these 10 supplements are key.

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