Creating Your Vision to Reach Your Goals

Whatever your fitness goals, it all begins with a plan. Here, IFBB Pro Aleisha Hart shares simple tips to help you get started

March 22, 2013
Creating Your Vision to Reach Your Goals

I have realized and learned over the years from being a successful athlete that you truly need to create that tunnel vision focus and have a strong belief when aiming for any goal. The mind becomes the most powerful tool when wanting to achieve and succeed at anything. Being able to compete at this calibre has been an honor and is my biggest accomplishment to date—but at the end of the day the real competition comes from within yourself. Learning to mind the mind, pushing passed your limits and making anything possible is the true test of self-determination. Feeling your best, looking your best, training your hardest, getting to the gym, sticking to your diet and to the plan 100%, not giving into those weak moments, creating excuses and not allowing any hiccups to get in the way….these are some key points that keep me at the top of my game and always coming in a true winner!

Below are four tools I like to use to help me stay focused and not lose site on my goal. Try adding them to your goal plan, whether it is a smaller goal or something over the top, a plan of action is a must!

1. CREATING MY VISION BOARD - Creating a vision board helps me to visualize my end goals more clearly, which inevitably inspires me to take consistent action and keeping pushing for top success. It also serves to remind me of my goals every day and why I do what I do!

2.CREATE MILESTONES - If you just set one huge goal, sometimes it can be discouraging, especially when you don't achieve it after a short while. Some people may give up or even procrastinate on their goals altogether. I think it is important and helpful to break one big goal into smaller goals, this allows you to be consistent with reaching and always working towards something. It truly helps me to achieve anything I put my mind to!

3. TRACK YOUR RESULTS - It's important for me to track the results of what I do as this allows me to continue aiming for something more and achieve higher results. Tracking is my connection to my end goal, this will let me know whether I'm on track or off track, ahead of the game or behind, which in turn lets me know whether to tweak my actions or to step it up a notch.

4. KNOW YOUR “WHY" - Be passionate about your “why” when you have a goal! If you keep giving up on your goals halfway, perhaps you were never serious about them to begin with. For me, if I'm really serious about a goal, I will never give up on it—I keep hammering away, regardless of the obstacles and struggles. Nothing comes easy, but in the end it is always worth it. Allow yourself to be in the uncomfortable zone and learn to enjoy it. Have your “why” close to heart and why your goal is important to you. Have a strong belief in everything you do. Be passionate about this and have it mean something big, this way you will never give up on yourself and the reason why you are on this journey in the first place.

Whether your fitness goals are to live healthier, lose weight, find balance, get in shape, gain weight, eat healthier, become competitive etc., it all begins with you and setting the "goal." You need to envision what you want and how you are going to take action in making it happen. Everything begins with you putting it into action and making it count every step will have you succeeding every time!

Train hard ~ stay focused and dream big!

Tips from the Hart~

Aleisha XO