Spring Clean Your Body

Spring is here and that means summer is just around the corner. Look and feel your best with these tips from IFBB figure pro Aleisha Hart

April 4, 2013
Spring Clean Your Body

Time to spring clean your body? Well Spring is here and that means summer is just around the corner. We all want to feel and look great in our less forgiving wardrobe. Time to step out of you comfort zone and set some spring goals. Here are some of my tips to help kick-start you into gear:

Hit your cardio/work out in the morning.I have found that morning workouts are much more productive as it leaves you more alert and energized throughout the day. If mornings are too difficult, then try working out on a lunch break this will also help boost your post-workout productivity. This is because after a workout, the body releases endorphins or the feel good hormones that give you great energy and increase mental awareness.

Getting your diet in order. The nutrition side of getting in shape is the most important, no matter what you think, you can never out train a bad diet! Having a busy lifestyle means that many find it hard to cater to the necessary diet requirements that are needed to feel and achieve great results. Planning and prepping is a must to achieve any goal. Eating 5-6 small meals and keeping your body fueled throughout the day will kick start your metabolism to burning away any of those unwanted pounds. Protein-rich meals with a good portion combined with healthy fats will keep you feeling fuller longer and will provide you with great energy throughout the day.

Keeping hydrated with lots of water is also important. Aim to consume 3-4 litres daily to help get rid of toxins and water retention, give you a boost of energy, keep you regular, and get you leaner quicker.

Top Workout Tips
> The best way to blast body fat is high intensity cardio first thing in the morning. Cardio on an empty stomach helps the body to use fat for energy. Your heart rate should be above 150 (depending on age) and the duration about 30-35 minutes. Aim to do this at least three times per week.

> Use weighted movements to sculpt, tone and build your physique. Exercises like squats, walking lunges, and stiff-legged dead lifts, for example, are all key to toning the back of your legs, as well as keeping your back side looking conditioned and toned.

> Increasing the amount of times you work out per week is important if you want to see results fast. For bigger changes in the body, I recommend working out five times per week, in combination with a clean meal plan will having you feeling and looking great in no time.

> After a weight training, I would suggest high intensity interval cardio to exhaust those muscle fibers and have your body still burning calories after you are done. Try doing 25 minutes of HIIT cardio such as sprints, at 45 seconds high intensity and 1 minute active rest, using the stair master or elliptical. Give yourself a variety of different cardio exercises which will keep you interested, motivated and always reaching for more.

> Train smart, have a goal for every workout, listen to your body, and adjust to what it's telling you. Two hours of cardio at a slow pace is not better than 30 minutes of hard, high-intensity cardio. The duration of your workout does not dictate its effectiveness. Think about it relating to your field of expertise. It's better to do 30 minutes of productive work than two hours of procrastinating and dragging yourself to get it done.

Setting the goal and creating the vision is key to your health. Remember healthy body, healthy mind.

Plan, prep and make it happen ~ you are all worth it!

Tips from the Hart~ Happy April

Aleisha Hart xo