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March 22, 2011
The World of Amanda!

What’s up Muscle & Fitness Hers! I am more than excited to be now blogging on the Hers site each week! Thank you Muscle & Fitness Hers for the opportunity and amazing support in so many ways! So be sure to check back to the site every week for my blogs to see what’s going on with me. I will also write about different workouts, recipes and whatever else I can think of. I check out every day and have been for awhile.

3-21-11-1.jpgSince this is my first blog here, I just want to let you know what I'm up to. My second Pro Bikini Competition of the year is this Saturday, so I am finishing my final week of prep. Since the Arnold (after a few cheat meals), my metabolism has kicked into overdrive and my weight has been easy to maintain. I actually get to eat more, and exercise less...what what? So that’s lead to my new found love of doing back to back shows. At this point, when I really was ready to take a break after the Arnold, it’s actually been the exact opposite. The diet is easier because I'm just so used to it and the hard work is done so I can literally count the number of cardio sessions that I’ve done, and they're no more than 30 min.

I've got 3 workouts left...3 workouts til the competition and 3 workouts until my b-day. Holla! Man, another year and let me tell you each year is getting better and better. This year is seriously the best yet, with tons of great news and huge accomplishments. I leave Friday for my competition in Culver City on Saturday and if you can, please come out and support, I appreciate it so much! It’s the MuscleContest on March 26th. It’s going to be a great show and we've got the Pro Bikini, NPC divisions, and the men’s physique division. I love being able to watch the other competitors and cheer them on, once I'm done competing myself. I love the industry, the atmosphere, everything. I love how close this show is to Vegas, just a quick 45 min flight and I'm there! I've done my NPC shows and my first Pro show at this venue so I feel super comfortable and know it very very well. I will also have my wonderful sponsors BSN there at the show, so it will be great to have their in-house support, as well as be able to represent for them, so come and visit the booth! I'm ready to go.

That’s what’s up with me this week. I'd just like to take the time to thank Hers for EVERYTHING! For those of you who know me now, and see me in Hers, you may not know just how special it is to me personally. I have been living this lifestyle for more years than a lot of people know. Before I started working with my wonderful trainer and friend Kim Oddo, who'd I'd like to thank as well, I trained myself all the way through competitions for years and years by these magazines. It was a dream of mine to just be in them one day, and here I am with multiple appearances and covers as well. I really still can’t believe it! I am so thankful, so honored and appreciate it way more than anyone knows. I am living proof of the results that be achieved with the information Hers provides issue after issue. So ladies…Go for it! Live that healthy lifestyle, train hard, and set goals! I really am having dreams come true.

The pic I took today, attached below, is so super cool to me. Those magazines I'm holding in my hand are from 2003, the year I entered and won my first competition. I still have them, and I've been dedicated ever since. And never in 2003 when I was reading those mags, did I think that I'd be on the cover you see behind me! Wow! I'm blessed. Thank you Hers!

Until next week,
Amanda Latona