Balancing a Better You

Beat burnout by discovering ways to devote more time to the activities that matter most to you.

January 22, 2013
Balancing a Better You

A means of success and enjoyment in life is finding balance. As a mom, we spending so much time being devoted to our families needs. Often times this is at the expense of little to no time set aside for our own personal sanity. When time is set aside, all too often mom is guilt ridden. You will always be a better you to everything you give to, if you are able to take a time out to just be.

Mom’s sanity and stress release is best spent in a gym, aerobic activity class, or some means of physical activity. By taking this time to distress and work off pent up energy, you will be left feeling amazing. Over time not only will you improve your physique, confidence, and health, you also will reduce stress. Your bodies natural feel good neurotransmitters (aka endorphins) will kick up, leaving you feeling amazing!

The first step to balance is accepting that in time everything will be taken care of and you must hand guilt up. The dishes, laundry, floors, groceries, and all that is on that never ending list will get done. However, a burnt out, stressed, and unconfident mom is not part of a better you. If mom is not happy, the family will feel that lack of happiness.

The family is happy when mom is feeling vibrant, healthy, rested, and stress free! Moms, if you have small children, find a local gym with an inexpensive childcare option for an hour while you workout. Consider purchasing a piece of cardio equipment for home or some enjoyable fitness DVDs. If you have a walking stroller, you can take your baby for a walk. If it’s an option, you can always take an hour for yourself when dad arrives home and hit the gym. If your children are school age, a perfect time for your training is after they head to school. The housework and all of the other tasks can wait, after your workout; you will feel more energetic in your tasks.

In an hour, you can devote 30 minutes to cardiovascular activity and 30 minutes to weight training. You should never train your entire body, but focus on specific muscle groups allowing rest and recovery before training that area again.

The first step to a better you is accepting there is no need for guilt; working out will support your health, mental stability and a happy home!

Amy Allen, IFBB Bikini Pro
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