Feeling Overwhelmed?

Five simple ways to tame your stress and gain back control of your life

February 3, 2013
Feeling Overwhelmed?

Today, it is next to impossible to avoid moments of absolute overwhelming stress/anxiety. We are notorious for overloading, not only our agendas, but our families as well. So, go figure we find our self in hair pulling moments! We often juggle full time careers, multiple sports, dance, play dates, and education… then we also try to stay healthy, but where do we fit it in? If you read my last blog, I talked about getting organized first and finding the means to keep things straight. Here I share five simple thoughts to help in setting yourself at ease:

> Learn to say no! We want to do, help, or be involved with everything with everyone. It is not realistic. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it is ok to say no; they will understand. And you will be thankful you did.

> Take Take on only what you have time for… time has limits within a day. Only take on what your schedule (and sanity!) has time for.

> Schedule strategically. Leave days between your craziness to catch up. It really helps if you leave yourself a day with nothing planned. The day will probably not end up being a rest day, however, you will be thankful to have the time be able to regroup.

> Make time for meditation (or prayer). This is something I swear by! Whether it’s first thing in the morning or later in the day, the key is to take a moment out in your day to be still. No matter what your religious belief are, one of these two techniques can be invigorating. You might also consider joining a yoga class. Personally, I take a little time when I start my day, and then again on my evening commute home. I find that taking this time to be “still” on my commute home assists in winding down from my day, and it ensures my mind (usually in over drive) is off from all the hustle and bustle of the day before I arrive home.

> Get positive. The moment your mind jumps on the negative bandwagon, you must consciously redirect your thoughts. Allowing yourself to get on a negative tangent will only heighten the situation. You must keep your thought(s) in check! Perception is ultimately in your control. How you look at things or view them ultimately will make or break the thought. This also references individuals you come into along your day. Some techniques that I find help are:

  • Think the best of people, even if they do not deserve it.
  • Assume the best of what is meant by what someone said, even if it is questionable.

By controlling your thoughts to be positive, you salvage the negative impact it will have on you. The irony behind letting others actions and words affect you, is that it is you that suffers the impact.

By regrouping with these simple factors, you will not only relieve stress/anxiety throughout your day (or week), but find a little more time for you as well. Spend that extra hour supporting your health and fitness goals.

Amy Allen, IFBB Bikini Pro
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