Get Organized, Get Healthy

Get organized and make more time for the gym with these time-saving tips from IFBB pro Amy Allen

January 26, 2013
Get Organized, Get Healthy

I am a sucker for an organized calendar, great to-do list, communication center and structured fitness journal.

Let us be real mom, it is often impossible to keep everything we juggle straight. We are the walking calendar for our children, pets, family, work events and any additional events that pop up. There are multiple ways to assist in keeping our calendars, tasks, lists etc. organized. I have found that with everything I juggle, I could never keep straight, personally or professionally, without organizing my day in advance. Most of us know, the more we have to do, the better we are at keeping it together. Those with lots of time, you probably find yourself procrastinating with the assumption there is plenty of time left to get things done.

The old fashion to-do list still works like a charm. As a professional mom, I literally keep a small note pad on my desk to jot down things as the day unfolds. I date the top of the empty page and bullet out tasks, notes etc. as my day progresses. I use the series of bulleted notes to organize things I need to complete before the day is done and for my next day. The note pad assists while interrupted by multiple calls, pop in visits, emails, instant messages, and scheduled meetings. It is amazing how writing things down will help when trying to recall what is next or emergent. Once the day is complete and everything is accounted for, I flip the page. By saving these days chronologically, it allows for you to flip back when needed. Moms that are not professionally obligated, this can work at home as well.

Smartphones today, no matter which vendor, have multiple applications that can be put to use. Many of these apps are free, while others come at a small fee. The task list applications can help you while you’re out and about on the go. You can easily update your list as the day unfolds, ensuring you do not forget things that are needed before you return home or hit the gym. I like to set alarm and calendar reminders. The alarm feature is great for reminding you when to eat, take supplements or pack it up to make it to your next scheduled event. Personally, I am an Apple fan. Their iCloud app allows a cyber shared drive for all of your devices to communicate, so there’s no need to write things in multiple locations.

Another one of my families’ favorite organization tools is a bulletin board. I have two of these boards in the house in easy and assessable locations. One is a large wipe board calendar with events. The other is a large corkboard with pins. I let the kids pick out their favorite pushpins and colors to add a little flare. I have the kids pin up important paperwork that I need to address for school and sports. I allow them to write on the wipe board events, practice schedules and appointments we do not want to miss. I also will write my schedule related reminders (when I will be late etc.). This has created a great communication board for all of us. No more endless backpack collection or missed communication. It has also created a means for the kids to be proactive and responsible in communicating as a family.

My other favorite time organizing tool is my fitness journal. I have shared this on my Facebook page in the past. I keep a small manual calendar/journal dedicated to fitness training in my gym bag. (By manual I mean you just fill in the calendars dates.) I write out my training/cardio plans usually biweekly. This assists in recalling what I have trained on which days and what is to be done as the week progresses. Again, we are so busy trying to recall everything for everyone in our home. You want to maximize your training by ensuring you are hitting everything consistently. Any variations I write down in the day it applies to, this helps me recall or assists in evaluating my progress. In the journal section, I can write down weight used, body weight, goals or changes needed. This makes a great tool to look back to later as well.

When you’re organized and time is maximized, life gets easier. So plan ahead! By planning ahead and being organized, you increase the potential of fitting in your fitness goals. The time spent on a healthier you, will mentally, emotionally and physically support a happier mom.

Amy Allen, IFBB Bikini Pro
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