Love Yourself Today

Your best you hinges on your ability to love yourself in the present. Here, tips from IFBB bikini pro Amy Allen on how to live in today’s moment

February 23, 2013
Love Yourself Today

Love who you are today. Yes, today. Repeat after me, “I love me for who I am today!”

This is a simple promise you need to walk away with right now. You are no longer the “you” of 10 minutes ago, never mind the last time you fit into your tiniest, sexiest, favorite outfit. If you still fit into that outfit, congrats! But you are still no longer anyone other than the “you” of today. Being who you are today is not a negative thing, it is not something that makes less of who you were, nor who you will be. It is that you are living in today’s moment. Today is a moment that each of us should embrace and love. You are a beautiful, both inside and out, full of all of life’s experiences and exposures whether good or bad. Thankfully that means you can be a most improved you! You must look at today, in addition to every day to follow, as the opportunity to be the best you have ever been in every aspect, you choose.

I have never wanted to delete any part of my history. I think we all have something that would have made things a lot easier if it had never occurred. My philosophy has always been, if I erased that moment, event, individual, or experience I would be loosing a piece of who I am today. A piece of the woman I have been blessed to be through all that I have endured. We have all seen those movies where someone wishes things away… poof! A major change occurs with rippling affects through time. Those ripples are all yours… fitness wise, that includes the wrinkles, stretch marks, weight gain or muscle loss.

We spend so much time telling ourselves that, “One day I am going to ___, or when ____ I am going to ____.” Stop living in tomorrow or what I refer to as “the later.” There will always be an excuse that will come as interference. Live in today! Wait for nothing! Seeing as there is no promised tomorrow and we get one chance at it. Take out that tablecloth, dishes, dress, shoes, launderette, or whatever item(s) you are saving for that “special moment or day.” Sign up for that class, race, competition, contest, and explore your dreams. Break out of that comfort zone, challenge the amazing woman you are.

Regrets will be what you should have done, not what you tried!

Cheering you on!

Amy Allen, IFBB Bikini Pro
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