Transforming the Body is an Art

Artist turned physique coach shares how sculpting a stage-worthy physique is much like creating a work of art.

February 15, 2013
Transforming the Body is an Art

“The world is but a canvas to our imagination.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

As an artist, I have sat in front of a blank, white canvas; glowing, molten glass; flat, rigid sheet metal; cool, smooth clay—not focusing on the raw, undeveloped materials in front of me, but instead seeing beyond their the beautiful works of art that live beyond their simple exterior and within the depths of my imagination.

As a competition coach, I now stand in front of clients, not expending energy being concerned with what their bodies may look like at the onset of their prep, nor the hard work that we will both surely put into their transformation and the obstacles that will need to be overcome, but instead, reveling in the excitement of the beautiful object of art that will emerge through our joint vision and creative journey.

Each person comes to me with a unique form, a unique story, unique dreams, and unique obstacles. Therefore as their coach, it only makes sense that I see each competitor as the priceless, one-of-a-kind work of art that they are. Each individual’s prep is also different, from the anticipated number of weeks that it will take to get them to the stage, to their exercise programs, nutrition plans, posing styles, suits, hair, makeup, and last but certainly not least, the individualized emotional support and guidance that they are given.

Most great works are not created overnight. They require a vision, attention to detail, sometimes trial and error to get an angle or a curve just right - and sculpting a beautiful body is no different. Instead of an art studio, we create in a gym. In place of paintbrushes, chisels, saws, and torches, we use dumbbells, cables, cardio, and nutrition. As opposed to applying shellac, patina, stain, and glaze, we enhance our creations with a tan, rhinestones, high heels, and lipgloss. And we display our finished works not in a gallery or exhibition hall, but in an auditorium or hotel ballroom.

Some competitors may transform their bodies and earn their place on that pedestal we call a stage a little sooner and with more ease than others. My vow to them is to ensure that they all receive their well-deserved moment in the spotlight as a shining exhibit of their hard work and dedication, and to help them become an inspiration to all those who view them, including, and perhaps most importantly, the person in the mirror.

Angelica is a graduate of the renowned Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA. She earned her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree in 1997. If you’d like to contact her, please reach out via her personal Facebook or her Fan page.