The Importance of Sunscreen

If you regularly soak up the sunshine without proper protection, you could be setting yourself up for serious skin damage. Here, IFBB pro Ann Titone shares some sun protection tips.

July 10, 2013
The Importance of Sunscreen

As the summer begins to heat up and we take our cardio outside and lay poolside and soak up some rays, it’s important for us to remember the delicateness of our skin and take the right precautions to protect it! Did you know that in as little as 15 minutes of being outside the sun’s UV rays can begin to harm your skin?

Skin cancer is diagnosed for more that 2 million people in America every year and is considered the most common form of cancer. The top risk factor for skin cancer is exposure to UVA and UVB rays in an excessive or unprotected fashion.

With that being said, skin cancer is not the only negative effect of the sun. Unprotected sun exposure causes superficial aging process as well as age spots that are typically found on the face, arms and hands.

So before you take your daily activities outside keep these tips in mind:

1) Apply sunscreen before going outside and reapplying every two hours or more if going into the water.

2) Sunscreen with a SPF 15 offers 93 percent protection while SPF 30 offers 97 percent.

3) Make it a point to apply a thicker layer to the most exposed body parts including face, neck, back, arms, legs and hands. Don't forget your lips!

4) Sunscreen should be the last product applied. Layering other skin care products over your sunscreen will dilute its effectiveness. If you use foundation without SPF over your SPF make sure you don’t rub it in too much, or it will also decrease the sun protection. If your foundation is your SPF it should be applied liberally.

Remember that the sun’s rays are the strongest from 10am-4pm during the late spring and summer days. More importantly, sun protection is NOT JUST FOR SUMMER MONTHS! It's important to protect your skin all year round even on cool and cloudy days! My personal favorite sunscreen is BeautyBlock by BeautyFit.

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