Take Your Cardio Outdoors

Cooler temperatures and breezy afternoons are perfect for outdoor cardio. Grab your sneakers and get outside!

October 1, 2012
Take Your Cardio Outdoors

It seems as though the blistering hot days are behind us and the next few weeks should bring cooler temperatures and breezy afternoons. I wish I could move my desk outside and enjoy all the beauty fall has to offer, but since that’s not plausible, I have taken the next best step: I've moved my treadmill and Stairmaster cardio sessions to the great outdoors. The most common outdoor cardio would be running and biking. Not to take away from all of the benefits of both, which do tend to get a little boring, instead I add some fun and challenge to my cardio by taking it to the park. The following is an outdoor cardio routine that requires nothing but an open space.

I remember my high school basketball team called these 'suicides' or 'killers', and though it may not kill you, it will get your heart pumping and meet every expectation you have of getting in a good cardio session! Here’s how to set it up:

Mark off six lines, six yards apart. Once the stage is set, warm up by starting at the first line and jogging to the second line, and touch the line with your foot then return to your starting mark and touch that line. (Make sure to get a good stretch to loosen up all the muscles.) Then, jog to the second line touch with your foot and jog back to the first. Continue by jogging to the third line, touching with your foot and returning to the first line Repeat this for one or two more lines. By this time your body should be loose and blood flowing. Now we’ll kick it in gear!

Start at the first line and sprint to the second line, this time bending down and touch the line with your hand then return to your starting mark and touch that line. Sprint to the second line, touch it and sprint back to the start (as an added abdominal benefit, alternate hands so you work your midsection evenly). Continue running and touching the next furthest line until you have touched all the lines and returned to your starting mark. Once you have touched each line, you have completed a set. For 30 minutes run as many sets as you. If need be, you can take a one to two minute walking/jogging break between sets. If you are new to sprinting, I suggest taking a full two minutes, possibly alternating sprints with waking. Once you’ve completed your 30 minutes, cool down by slowly jogging the last set to bring your heart rate down.

As a substitute to the open area of a park, you could apply this routine to stairs or bleachers in the same fashion.

Remember to stay hydrated while performing any cardio activity! For all of it many health benefits I prefer to fuel my body with Hydrolyze Ultra. Have fun!

Ann Titone
IFBB Pro Figure

Ann Titone can be contacted for appearances through www.fmg-fitnessmanagementgroup.com