Week 6: Feeling Stronger Every Day

With nearly seven weeks left to go, Nicole is finally starting to see her hard work pay off. Find out what changes she has made this past week

June 25, 2013
Week 6: Feeling Stronger Every Day

Nothing feels better than having full control over your own life. It’s all about your mentality. Think it, act on it, and then you get to take pride in it. That’s what keeps me going.

With nearly seven weeks left, I’m happy that things are finally starting to come together. This week, I’ve noticed my muscles have more “pop” to them and my waist is tighter. Staying consistent with my diet and training—even when I felt like nothing was happening—is what has been key to these changes in my body.

Trying to balance life and competition prep can stressful at times, and it’s easy to give up when you’re not seeing immediate results. But you have to keep pushing toward your goal and stay hungry for change. What feeds my motivation is knowing that it’s all on me. I decide if I’m going to achieve the goals I’ve set out for myself. The harder I push, I know the better the result (and reward) will be in the end. I have to keep up and adapt.

Speaking of adapting, this week we made small adjustments to my diet. Although many of the basic foods have remained the same, a few tweaks were needed to keep my physique progressing in the right direction. Being somewhat bottom heavy, and given the fact that my body wasn’t responding well to the high interval cardio I was doing, these changes will help keep my metabolism revving.

My training is on point, and I am making sure I take at least one day off a week to relax a little. I pushed myself really hard in the gym this week, paying particularly close attention to my glutes during my leg workout. Who doesn’t want a nice, tight booty, right? Needless to say, leg day ended up being the hardest workout I had this week.

All of my hard work is paying off, and it feels great to finally see my body progressing. I feel more positive about everything, which has allowed me to take some of the stress off myself. The work won’t let up anytime soon, but it will definitely feel easier now that I’m feeling stronger!


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