Week 8: Seeing Results and Staying Committed

With a competition opportunity just around the corner, Nicole is scheduling in more cardio and focusing her mental energy on meeting both her long-term and short-term goals

July 9, 2013

As I start week eight of my transformation, I have to say, the best thing about this whole process is the struggle. Over the past three days—out of nowhere—my body has reacted amazingly well to cardio. I guess letting the stress subside and enjoying the process has really helped me to stay grounded and get back on track. I remember at this point last year my body did the same thing. All of a sudden, I started shredding up.

My coach, Shannon Dey, has told me these are the weeks to push through. You can’t lose doubt because this is when it counts.

In the past week I have done a lot of HIIT cardio and stayed consistent with my diet and water intake. I’ve rediscovered an important balance that I’d lost for over the past few weeks. A lot of my problem is not letting my personal life overtake my goals and dreams, which is often easier said than done. I almost feel bathing-suit ready, which has given me a small dose of confidence and is helping me to stay on track.

As for competing, I definitely want to take part in Easterns in a few months. I still think I need more time to get in shape before I step on stage. August may not be my time. I really struggled after gaining weight, and this time losing it has been WAY harder. Surrounding myself with positive people and finding the right ways to go about things has really helped me get back on track.

Angelica Nebbia, a close friend of mine who is also a coworker and IFBB Pro, really helped me get through this past week. I told her I finally felt the changes becoming noticeable and she said the most important thing now is that I believe it. That’s how I know everything is falling into place. I see it now and I am motivated because of it.

This Take Two transformation has really been about getting back in shape—not just for one small competition, but for life. That is what I am training for: a new, healthier me. With one month left of my 12 week program, I can honestly say these next four will be my time to shine!

Watch my arm workout video below to see how I train my upper body, featuring Superstar Gym in Tribeca.


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