Kettlebells and Cleans

Love CrossFit? Erin Stern shares her thoughts on this popular form of exercise

April 3, 2013
Kettlebells and Cleans

It's not easy to walk into the gym and practice something you're not good at. Even though the gym has a variety of kettlebells, I'd walk right past them and start loading plates on the bar at the power rack. Cleans, snatch, jerks - these are lifts I learned in college, and are lifts I'm comfortable with. When you mention the word "comfortable," it denotes well-being and safety. But, in a fitness context, "comfort" equals plateau!

Crossfit has taught me a few things:

- Kettlebells are great for working on hip extension. This means I will have a more effective clean, and will be able to lift more

- My sprint endurance is ok, but I struggled with running a mile (eeesh!!)

- Incorporating new training methods, and taking a break from old ones not only improves fitness, but it also provides new challenges. This leads to new goals.

- I probably... scratch that... I never would've tried some of the exercises, if not for Crossfit!

I'm still trying to figure out how a WOD can fit into training for figure and for track. The element of surprise in Crossfit makes it tough to plan lifts later in the week. I'm enjoying the variety of it, though...wish I could say the same about burpees!

Until next week... train hard!

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