Clean Eating While Traveling

Clean foods will keep your body looking great and feeling strong while you're on the road

December 11, 2012
Clean Eating While Traveling

I am in the airport wrapping up my West Coast Tour. My last stop was Oregon, and it was immensely successful. Success to me is measured by the connections made, the in depth conversations, and quite frankly how incredibly nice the people and store owners and workers were. Being that I live in New York now, I cant help but notice the distinct difference in overall attitude between the coasts. I'm originally from California, and in that area of the world the people are much more kicked back. Sorry, that's just a fact. And I usually call it like I see it.

Being on the go like I have been pretty much made training an after thought. My free time was spent locating food and getting rest. I had no energy to train. That doesn't worry me though, as I was very strict with my training and nutrition up until the third week in November. So a break is exactly what I need. I will respond to training and dieting much easier than I would staying on the grind 365 days a year. My metabolism is so good right now, my heart races and I heat up so much when I eat--it's incredible! This is because I don't starve during prep, at least until the very end. And I am not afraid to eat off-season. Then when I do start reducing calories I respond quickly and easily see changes. Starting with low calories leaves you no where to go as the weeks pass, and the body slows the metabolism down.

So, I will be back at it tomorrow night lifting with the kind of intensity that I love, and rebuilding the body I am capable of having. I am very excited to get back on a schedule and though I do have another tour in a few days, I will still make sure I get to the gym being that I am working in my own back yard.

I was asked all through my trip what my plans are for this next year and, honestly, I have no idea. But those decisions will be made this week, and I will get a game plan in order. It's hard to put my attention on that until I get home and can thoughtfully plan that out.

The plane is here and they are about to board. So I will check in after my next tour with more definitive plans regarding what is next for me in life, work and competition plans.

I am wishing you a Happy Holiday and I will check back before the New Year.

IFBB Figure Pro Ava Cowan