Grounded Advice

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November 15, 2012
Grounded Advice

Today I am catching up with you from 30,000 miles from the ground as I make my way back to NY from Florida. I spent the last 9 days working on several projects and doing my South East Gaspari Nutrition tour. The trip went exceptionally well, and I leave feeling like I really accomplished a lot, soaked in the beautiful weather, caught up with my friends, and I met some very nice people on this trip as well.

As for the visits at the stores, I particularly enjoyed not only the diverse crowd of the people that I met but also the interesting conversations. The stories I heard across the board were so similar no matter if it was a man or a woman. And the common amongst everyone were issues stemming from the foods they were eating or not eating. It seemed as if about 90% of the people shared a common belief about the quantity of food they thought they were supposed to eat, and were stunned when I told them what I suggested would be ideas of appropriate pre- and postworkout meals. Not many were eating enough or at the right time.

One man in particular was in shock and disbelief that he had been doing it "wrong" for 20 years; he said the more he trained, the worse he looked and felt. I empathetically mentioned that it might have something to do with the fact that he ate 3 hours before he trained, and only had chicken and a salad for dinner after about 1-2 hours after training. I did feel bad and tried to hide my own disbelief, because I knew he must have felt tired and really hungry. Not to mention, he wasn't making any gains.

In situations like that, It was nice to at least make some suggestions as well as give an explanation as to why it was so important. And because he was never eating enough, I was able to explain the benefits of supplementing a calorically deficient diet, with some amazingly effective products. The most popular, and most needed supplement he was lacking was quality protein. So, of course, my first recommendation was MyoFusion, not only for the protein content, but also the calories that the extra protein would provide. Then, I told him that a sure way to finally see some gains would be a mix of Aminolast while he trained, and GlycoFuse either with his aminos or immediately following his workout. And of course, I noted that adding in some simple carbs to the chicken salad meal would help immensely with muscle hypertrophy.

Stories like this one were extremely common. Being able to help create a new game plan is one of the best parts of my job, because I know how dramatically these changes will illicit change. I felt pretty bad for the guy, 20 years is quite a while. I told him, “Well, at least tonight you get to eat after the gym!” And we both laughed.

My schedule will be jam-packed until the end of the year, flying next to LA, then San Jose, then my North East Tour and a few appearances and shoots sprinkled in between.

I will be sure to post my schedule as soon as all is solidified. For now, I can't wait to get home to sweat out the travel! Do I ever miss my cardio.

IFBB Figure Pro Ava Cowan