Getting in the Groove

You have the ability to form new grooves, new thoughts, and create more happiness

February 19, 2013
Getting in the Groove

Just like specific exercises shape the muscles, specific thoughts shape the mind. So, what are you thinking about most of the time? Prep is tough, and as we get closer to the Arnold Classic, it certainly isn't getting easier. At various points during the day, I take an "inventory" of my thoughts. If I'm feeling down, doubtful, or negative, I write down my goals and some positive affirmations. It only takes a minute, but it changes my day! What you focus on the most tends to become ingrained in your mind. These pathways, or grooves, become your default way of thinking. It doesn't matter if you're currently a pessimistic person. You have the ability to form new grooves, new thoughts, and create more happiness! This article helps explain it better: How Your Language Can Change Your Life

Prep is going great—I had my last track workout on Saturday, and I'm still strong in the weight room! It becomes hard to sprint when cutting calories. My legs tend to be sore for longer, and I'm not as fast. But, it's all a part of it. Instead of track sprints, I'll incorporate some fun runs and walks in the park. I started cooking and freezing meals for travel, and I also started packing. I don't think straight once I cut my carbs, so I try to get most of the details out of the way before then!

Until next week... train hard, body and mind, y'all!
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