The Home Stretch

During these last few days before the Ms. Figure International, Erin Stern is taking time to relax and reflect before stepping on stage

February 26, 2013
The Home Stretch

The final week of prep tests a person physically, but it was also challenge your mental resolve. I reduce my carbs greatly, and I enter into a "fog." This time I have most of my packing and shopping done, and I have lists everywhere. But I'll catch myself doing really silly things: pouring water into my salad bowl, thinking that I'm pouring dressing... or leaving the house with my fuzzy slippers on, instead of sneakers.. or leaving the house in a rush to get things done, and then forgetting where I'm going! My physique seems to change by the hour - without carbs, I look different. In the past, I would have questioned my plan, or even doubled up on cardio to try and compensate for the way I felt I looked. In the final days of prep it's important to relax, get enough rest, and trust the diet. I talk to a lot of competitors who panic and end up overdoing it during this time. I take time to reflect on my prep. I know that I gave 100% to each session in the gym and at the track. If you can look back and say the same, you are already a winner - regardless of the placings on stage!

Posing practice is important, but I think visualization is just as vital to a good presentation on stage. At various times during the day I think about every detail of being on stage and connecting with the judges and the audience. I think about projecting confidence (even though I'll be so nervous!). It really helps to picture something that makes you truly happy right before you walk on stage - it will give you a big, glowing, genuine smile!

I want to post a couple of videos once I get there, to take you "behind the scenes"! Thank you for reading and for following my journey to the stage!

See you in a few days! Train hard, y'all!

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