Improving Balance and Energy

Erin Stern shares strategies for managing stress and bringing balance back into your life.

February 12, 2013
Improving Balance and Energy

We're coming up on two weeks from the Arnold Classic! In these last few weeks, training and meals need to be properly timed, posing perfected, and all of the details that go into stepping on stage need to be covered. It can be tough to maintain balance at this point. I work every day on this—body, mind, and soul. Dieting creates thoughts of scarcity. To counteract this, I shop at the local farmer's market. Filling the rest of a plate with colorful veggies definitely helps. My training in the gym and at the track consists of sprints 3x a week and many compound lifts to help tie the muscle groups together. Reading is a great way to feed the mind. Lately, I read positive thinking books, DIY or how-to guides, and the latest science on exercise and nutrition. The soul may be the trickiest one to keep in tune at this point. There's very little free time at this point, and I try to make sure to spend it wisely. I'll sneak a trip out in my kayak, sketch, write poetry, or just sit quietly and think.

It's easy to feel out of balance or low on energy when cutting calories and still training hard. Another way I bring myself back to center is by working on my energy levels. And no, it doesn't involve copious amounts of caffeine! We do things every day that rob us of energy. Whether it's a toxic coworker, ruminating on personal issues, pushing too hard when we're physically tired, or even a clutter-filled desk, it's important to recharge those batteries!

Here are some interesting ways to take care of your energy. Yes, some may seem a little odd: Small Ways to Take Care of Your Energy.

My favorite one right now is, "Un-complicate your life. You create some space for the ‘new’ to arrive, free yourself up from being a ‘constant doer’ and put a healthy distance between you and the busyness of life."

I am ready for the new, and almost ready to step on that stage again.

Until next week... train hard, y'all!

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