Set Mini Goals

Focus on achievable targets every day, week, and month to help reach your goals

January 15, 2013
Set Mini Goals

Here we go again!

I just started prep for my fifth Figure International! Each prep seems to bring about a different set of goals and challenges. Up until the last few shows, my goals had been merely physical. These next few weeks, I seek to improve not only my physique, but also my mind and spirit. Balance must exist in training, thinking, diet, and the physique. If we have balance in the first three... the physique presented on stage usually matches the one visualized!

Along with my goals for the show, I have a detailed plan of how to accomplish these goals. I set a series of doable "mini goals," to stay motivated and on track. This seems less daunting than just focusing on getting on stage and all the details involved. The mini goals will also help with balance—I will work on myself, inside and out, every day.

My off-season was great—not only did I bring up some lagging muscle groups like my calves, but also I am stronger and faster. I am still lifting heavy weights now, hitting the track, and powerlifting! I plan on not doing low-intensity cardio for this prep. I can't wait to share this journey with you… and I can't wait to step on stage again!

Until next week,
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