Shutting Out Should

Focus on what you want to accomplish, not what you should accomplish to help you reach your goals

January 22, 2013
Shutting Out Should

I should go to sleep early. I should do laundry. I should take control of my life.

"Should" is a dangerous word. It can make us feel like we are comparing ourselves to something better. It prevents us from action. This week I have been shutting out "should," and replacing it with "want." With contest prep, and life in general, it's important to work on the mind and spirit as much as the body. By focusing on what I want to accomplish in the next few weeks, I am dropping that sinking feeling that "should" has been giving me! Here's an article that helped me: 6 Ways to Deal with I Should Be Better Syndrome

Training is right on track ... thanks to the track! I have been sprinting twice a week—one sprint endurance day, and one speed day. I'm still lifting 5-6 days per week, but have shifted my focus to getting leaner. I incorporate more supersets, and take less rest between sets. This helps me get my "cardio" in, and spend less time in the gym. I will start taking prep progress pictures this Friday. It's always great to compare the pictures from previous preps, and to see the changes made in the off-season!

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