Step Off the Scale!

If you want to see results then concentrate on how you look and feel, not the numbers on the scale

January 29, 2013
Step Off the Scale!

Hair on a stick. It's what my sister called me at last year's Arnold. I was too small and flat—the product of too much cardio and not eating enough. I tend to keep track of my weight through my prep, and without fail, the number always gives me stress. I am five pounds heavier this year than I was this time last year. I started to think about my food planning, perhaps adding cardio, and even stressing about why I weighed more. Fortunately, I have other ways of tracking my progress: pictures, measurements, and goals. Compared to last year, I wanted more shape/size on my legs (especially the calves), and more size on my arms.

What does more muscle mean? The scale will show a heavier weight... duh! So, I step off the scale again—and I will rely only on my pictures, measurements, and how I feel. Attached are the two progress pictures, side by side. On the left, 2012, and 2013 on the right.

It's important to have a few different ways to track progress. The scale may be a good initial guide, but it doesn't take into account many variables of successful training. Losing fat and gaining muscle, redistributing weight over your body (larger lats, smaller waist), and simply gaining muscle will either cause an increase on the number on the scale, or no change at all.

Until next week… train hard, ya’ll!
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