With Struggle Comes Strength

Nothing worthwhile comes without struggle. Here, Erin shares how her struggles have given her new understanding, new perspective, and motivation for change

March 20, 2013
With Struggle Comes Strength

I reflect on the last two weeks—competing in back-to-back shows, especially shows on opposite sides of the world, is never easy. The athlete in me has a different perspective than the pondering poet in me. I struggle to find a balance between my expectations and the results. I spend time thinking and writing. I sit with my struggles, and welcome them. This might sound unpleasant…and it is. But one of the lessons I learned when I went through tough times (much, much tougher than this), is that out of the struggle comes strength.

Out of the struggle comes gifts: new understanding, new perspective, and motivation for change. It can help re-align you with what you really want. Through the hours of working through uncomfortable thoughts, I am starting to write a new set of goals. A few of these include:

- Working on a new website and new business model
- Competing in more track meets
- Trying CrossFit again (I want something else to compete in)
- Host camps—help others cultivate a sense of worth, not attached to physical appearance and creating balance

I am excited for the next few months—a lot of room for improvement and achievement! Thank you for following my journey...more to come!

Until next week...train hard, y'all!

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