Trust Yourself

Trust yourself – and the rest will follow. One of the keys to success is having a strong belief in yourself and your strategy to achieve your goals

February 5, 2013
Trust Yourself


I was talking with a new figure competitor yesterday, and she had mentioned that she was "stuck" in her contest prep. Her weight wasn't changing, and she was stressed about being ready in time. She was telling me about all of the different diet and training scenarios that might get her through her plateau: drastically decreasing calories, increasing cardio, and longer weight training sessions. She never mentioned simply trusting her plan and going forward with it—knowing that she would be ready in time.

I found myself in the same place last year—I was not getting lean enough, fast enough. I stressed. I added in low intensity cardio. I rationed my meals. I looked flat on stage. The combination of increased cortisol from stress, too much of a caloric deficit, and too much cardio left me feeling like garbage. When you step on stage feeling worn out, it shows! Sometimes the hardest part of contest prep is to trust yourself, and trust your plan. Work hard, and get enough rest. Feed your body, and feed your mind. I spend time in the morning and night, working on positive affirmations, rewriting any negative thoughts that come up, and visualizing every detail when I'm on stage.

All of this takes work, and it takes an enormous amount of trust in yourself. Think about the times when you have been 100% invested in a goal... have you ever let yourself down? Didn't think so!

Until next week… train hard, ya’ll!
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