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Is Stress Holding You Back?

Feeling stressed? It could be impacting your physique goals. Here are 5 ways to reduce stress and boost your physique goals

May 20, 2013
Is Stress Holding You Back?

It's impossible to be stress-free but we can pick and choose what to put our energy into, and stressing over things that are out of our control is not worth it. I've been guilty of negative thoughts and stressing over little things, but what most woman don't realize is stress can have just as negative effect on your body as eating a piece of cake.

It's not easy to sculpt yourself, focus your life and live with purpose but once you have the momentum forward it gets easier. I had to surround myself with like-minded people, write down my goals and create empowering habits to get to the point I'm at mentally and physically.

My 5 steps to personal growth:

1. Things worth attaining often take time: most people want instant gratification and are discouraged when it doesn't happen quickly enough. By hurrying the process, we often sabotage it. Accept the growth is a process and the journey is the destination.

2. Everyone plateaus at some point: when this happens reassess your plan and start something new.

3. Try something new, don't live in fear: if I look back at my choices I was definitely scared to take chances but if I hadn't I would not be where I am now. I would not be an IFBB figure competitor and I would not own my own studio if I hadn't taken a risk to go out and do something that terrified me.

4. Celebrate even the smallest progress: Rome wasn't built in a day... neither is your body and mind. Every little bit of progress lays the foundation for the next.

5. Maintain motivation: This is the most important because without this you can't do the first four steps. Regularly visualize achieving your goals, make them real and vivid.

In the past I would get so overwhelmed and suffer from horrible anxiety. I didn't know how to juggle it all... work, shows, and personal life. Over the years I have grown into the person I am now and actually embrace stress and deal with it the best way I know how... one day at a time.

Some days are great and some days not so much, but I'm human and know that I can't be perfect all the time. I know the person I am and I know what I'm capable of so have learned to deal with what life throws my way. Writing has helped me handle things in my life and being honest has also helped me in so many ways. I was hesitant at first to be so honest but have realized that my writing has not only helped me but has also touched the lives of many.

So keep fighting, keep moving forward! Action creates momentum creates opportunity!

Thank you for reading!

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