How to Stay Accountable to Your Fitness Goals

IFBB pro Sandi Forsythe shares five ways to help you stay on track and remain accountable to your fitness goals

September 25, 2013
How to Stay Accountable to Your Fitness Goals

I know getting up every morning to hit the gym, eating clean, drinking water, and making healthy choices throughout the day is not always easy. If it were, everyone would do it! So how do you hold yourself accountable and how do you stay on track in order to lead a healthy, fit life? Some of us have the internal drive and motivation we all these people “self-starters”- but I’m here to tell you even the “self starter” needs a little accountability from time to time.

So you want to make changes in your physical fitness routine, and making healthy choices in the kitchen-how can you stay focused, and be held accountable in order to meet your goals?

Let’s look at five ways to stay on track and remain accountable:

1) No one can do it for you- there has to be an internal drive to get healthy, and fit! You have to want to make lifestyle changes and be willing to put in the work - YES THE WORK. There is no “magic diet or pill” that will do it all for you. So first get your head on straight and establish some attainable short and long term goals. Write your goals down and keep them where you can see them. This serves as a daily reminder to you. Some ladies like to post goals on the fridge, and you can even post pictures of your fitness inspirations.

2) Log your activity. Go to your local book store and buy a fitness log. Set up your weekly activities in advanced so that you have carved out time for physical activity. Logging activity also helps hold you accountable. You can also log your weight training sessions (it’s fun to see your small improvements along the way - this helps you stay motivated)!

3) Log your diet. Often people do not think they are eating as much as what they really are. A little bite here and a little bite there all adds up over the week. At the beginning of the week plan your meals, prepare your meals, and stick to your plan. This holds you accountable throughout the week. Plan for three meals and three snacks, and avoid nibbling between your set meals.

4) Find a Friend. Some people do better when they have someone who they are accountable to. I challenge you this week to ask a friend to do this with you. Buy log books, and log your meals and workouts together. Set up dates to meet at the gym, and discuss your progress with your friend. Small successes are more fun when celebrated between two friends. Challenge each other and hold each other accountable throughout the week!

5) Don’t get hung up on small steps back. If you have a slip up - don’t toss it all away. Stop, regroup, and start again. Remember: it’s not an overnight process; changing your habits takes time and effort.

Lastly, some women chose to hire a coach to help keep them accountable and help them meet their fitness goals. This is also a great option. Simply having someone to check in with weekly makes a big difference when it comes to accountability!

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