Fitter, Stronger, Healthier: one mom’s journey in overcoming health setbacks and a life-long battle with weight.

This week, Heather talks about the importance of taking care of your emotional and physical health

May 11, 2013
Fitter, Stronger, Healthier: one mom’s journey in overcoming health setbacks and a life-long battle with weight.

I believe that healing begins by using our pain to inspire others. Whether the pain be from a loss of a loved one or a weight loss battle when you are able to put it on paper and share it with the world you create a outlet for others as well. No matter what your battle may be there will always be someone out there who is going through the same or something similar to your situation. By speaking out and sharing what others may not you never know who you will inspire to do better with their life.

In my 31 years of life I have lived and learned many times. I find myself learning and adjusting every day. You truly are not living if your life is simple. Every day each and every one of us faces a challenge. Some larger challenges than others but we are all human we walk the same earth and breathe the same air. Sharing my story with you all has not only (hopefully) inspired you, but you have inspired me to become a better person. Sometimes I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders and nothing is ever going to give. But today my eyes have been opened to one of my many purposes for being placed on this earth. It truly touches my heart to read your messages and comments about my blogs. I encourage you all to start your own blog. Not only will it make you feel better but you will inspire others! I am slowly learning that what I thought was my biggest challenge, losing weight, is in fact my smallest. Being an inspiring human being is what I am learning is my challenge. Putting my life and priorities in order has brought a whole new clarity to my life. I must take care of myself so I can be around for a long time to take care of others.

As the days go on since I started writing this blog I have had many ups and many downs. I finally re-joined the gym, and along with my vitamins, I have slowly began to change my diet. I have not seen any drastic results as of yet but I will. I have faith. One must have faith to pull through. Find where your motivation lies. I found mine lies in being a good mom, wife, and friend. I want to become a healthier person so that I can be around to continue to inspire others. I want people to know no matter what journey you are on I can guarantee you are not alone!

Today I went to the funeral of a very young man. This young man was the 18-year-old brother of my good friend and coworker. He committed suicide and my heart absolutely breaks for his family and friends. I am taking this opportunity and the fact that my voice is heard by many please know you are never alone. If you need someone to talk to, please write me or seek help. In today's society it is a shame that suicide is so looked down upon. This is a disease as much as anything else yet is treated like a sin. I learned that with one voice so many will listen. My coworker has chosen to not only stand up for her family but her beliefs. I find this very admirable! Therefore I would like to help her voice be heard and ask that if you need help please visit there is always someone there available to help.

Where you find pain in your life, be constructive and use it to inspire others! The church that I go to has a motto, "Be the Blessing". Follow that and see where it leads you! Be that better person you want to be not only physically but mentally as well! Work hard and you will reap the rewards in benefits in not only lost pounds on a scale but lost weight upon your shoulders.

This blog is in memory of all those who have felt alone in this world. RIP Randy Tschappatt.

Heather Fankhouser