Cheat Smart

Find yourself mindlessly nibbling on your kids' snacks? Nix the habit by scheduling a cheat meal once per week

January 25, 2013
Cheat Smart

Every fit mom out there has likely put some thought into meals, food prep, feeding your kids and how you handle a plate of “left overs”. This is my biggest weakness when I am dieting and training for a competition; prepping food for my kiddos and then having to throw away yummy grilled cheese crust, or pizza crust, especially pan pizza. I tend to always rationalize, it’s just a bite or it’s only one piece of crust, but as we all know…those calories add up and it can throw a monkey wrench into your day.

For starters, you have to be real with yourself, and add up all the nibbles you may have in a day. Crust from a peanut butter and jelly, 10 tiny goldfish crackers, one bite of ice cream… these are the little things that can sabotage a diet and put your will power to the test. I honestly feel it would be easier to diet without “kid friendly” food in the house, because before my two children, I didn’t have a pantry of fruit snacks or teddy grahams! So with that being said, be strong, and feel a sense of empowerment when you throw that crust or leftover lasagna down the disposal and grind it up!

I have always believed when you are incorporating a clean diet into your life, either for a competition or just living the lifestyle, it’s important to reward yourself with a cheat meal or a “re-up” day. First, because your body will eventually catch on to the trend of super clean eating and decide to be stubborn and not let go of anymore body fat. Second, because when you allow yourself to have a cheat meal, it makes dieting feel more like a sprint rather than a long marathon. It gives you something to look forward to and is a nice way to reward yourself for all your diligence throughout the week. And lastly, adding a cheat meal into your day will send signals to your body that you are not being starved to death and it will help you make wonderful new gains! The downside to this is I always feel super hungry the next day, but, I know that in six short days I’ll be able to feed my cravings once again.

So, be smart about your cheats and realize it makes more sense to have your yummy cheat as a meal, on one day, rather than a bunch of nibbles throughout the week. Just say no to the teddy grahams!

Happy dieting,

Holly Powell