Fitness is Contagious

The more your kids spend time around healthy, active people, the more healthy and active they will be.

March 8, 2013
Fitness is Contagious

There are many nights when I tell my kids to get their shoes on because we are heading up to the Rec Center. I will be the first to admit that putting on warm sweats and relaxing with my kids on the couch sounds much more appealing, but I quickly move on and out the door we go! When I think about fitness and how much it is a part of my life, every day, I realize it has become habitual just like showering and brushing my teeth. Many people fight the fact that they have to go to the gym and how much they dread stepping out of their comfort zone and putting in the effort it takes for a healthier life. But I promise you that in time, it becomes a part of your life and isn’t something you have to battle in your mind on a daily basis. Fitness becomes who you are and there is no greater satisfaction. So much of my success with fitness is from mental strength; getting excited to get into the gym, fueling myself with positive thoughts and visions of how I want to sculpt my physique. When my mind is focused on fitness goals, positive thoughts and eagerness to conquer the day, it makes getting into the gym that much easier.

One of the best parts about living a life of good health is the role model I have become for my children. It’s difficult to escape fitness in our household, my husband runs a personal training business and we have been living this lifestyle for 21 years. As my kids get older, I enjoy sitting back and watching the habits they have picked up from the way my husband and I have lived our lives. For example, my son was spending the night at his friend’s house and as he was heading out the door I said, “Try not to stay up all night playing video games.” Wishful thinking, but I was hopeful! I headed to the gym later that night, and as I rested between my sets of leg press and walking lunges (ouch), I look over and see my son and his friend walking in the door to play basketball. It made me smile because they wanted to go workout’ it wasn’t forced, and this is a shining example of the shadow we cast as parents. The next morning I was back at the gym and as I was wiping off the elliptical I look over and there was my son with his friend, again, ready for another round of basketball.

Your habits become your kids’ habits as well as everyone who is a part of your life. What shadow will you cast? I love “paying it forward” and am honored when people come up to me with questions about getting started on a fitness program or how to resume a fitness routine after months or years away from the gym. I consider myself a fitness enthusiast; my positivity is infectious and if it helps people get excited about living a healthier life, then I am a happier person! So sit back and think about how many people’s lives you can touch with a positive spin on health and fitness and join me on this journey to a healthier, happier life.

In good health,

Holly Powell