Go Figure: Week 7

Nicole Adamo is halfway through her prep for her debut on the NPC stage

April 27, 2012
Go Figure: Week 7

I am halfway through, which is the half-way point. I guess that’s like seeing the glass half empty or glass half full. I’m not really sure how to look at it right now. Looking back on the past 6 weeks, I definitely can say this has been an experience. At the same time, I know there is still so much more ahead of me. The halfway point is somewhat gratifying because I see my progress, but I know that these last 6 weeks I will need to work even harder.


I am coming up on my last few weeks of college, getting ready to move, and going through some other tremendous “life” changes. This is where I feel like I need to be the superhero of my own life and not worry about people who are trying to pull on my cape. I think that is the hardest part for me. Like anyone else, I have the same insecurities and when you put yourself out there the way I have it is hard to accept those who think that exercising their mouths counts as working out. It doesn’t. While I’m in the gym busting my butt, there are still those people who have negative things to say.  I guess it doesn’t really matter because at least I know they’re watching, right?  This is about my goal and while I encourage everyone to follow, I can’t help it if you don’t like it.


Some days I wake up and feel better than I ever have and then the next day I’ll feel like a water balloon. I have really just been trying to focus on keeping my drive and being strong mentally by blocking out the negativity and keeping a positive attitude. I believe that when you have good energy it’s contagious and that’s also what this is about - inspiring other women to go after their goals.


Every single day I think about what Maz (my trainer) tells me, what Ava told me, what Tabitha told me and what my instinct tells me.

My schedule is absolutely crazy and my life is busier than ever, which is probably why I finally stopped looking at the process  as “week by week” and started focusing on one day at a time. Whatever the reason, I definitely see more progress.


I am so excited to see where the next few weeks take me. I am more motivated than ever. All in all, my glass is half full and it’s time to keep filling it until I get to the top.