Best Within Reach

Jennifer sets her sights on one of the most prestigious stages of the year

April 14, 2012
Best Within Reach

The competition season is off to an amazing start. I have already had three shows and have done better than I would have ever imagined. The chance of going to the Olympia stage is within reach and it’s so surreal to me.

The IFBB/NPC updated the qualifications for qualifying for the Olympia. It is now based on a point system and basically the more an athlete competes they earn points based on their placing. So if I place first, I automatically qualify for the Olympia. If I place second, I earn four points, third is three points and so on. There is not a specific number of points that I have to earn. The top five girls earning the most points will advance to the Olympia stage.(

As of this month I am number one on the bikini list and I am super excited and a little nervous as well. I have to make the right decisions with my show choices. I want to do enough shows to hopefully place and keep my points up, then on the flip side I don't want to do so many shows that I burn out my body, bank account and vacation time. So based on this, I still have to pick a show and I'm thinking either June or July for my next one.

This gives me a little time to spend with family and friends. I have also been training some up and coming beautiful Bombshells, getting my personal website up and working some demos with Dymatize Nutrition and Urban Extreme Nutrition.

I’m still hitting the gym and taking advantage of a hill around the corner. I have a fitness test to take at work that I actually have to train for differently then I train for the stage. So I have added some strict pushups, full sit ups and running a straight mile in a half. Fitness is not only enjoyable but a matter of safety.

Hope everyone has a great Spring and trains hard for their purpose,

Jennifer Chapman
IFBB Bikini Pro