Get More Burn On

Two simple ways to boost your burn throughout the day

May 7, 2013
Get More Burn On

Want a few additional ways to burn more calories outside of the gym? Try avoiding a few modern conveniences. Yes, a lot of the things we do and use every day make getting around and doing things much faster and easier, but they also prevent us from burning the maximum amount of calories in our 8 hour (or more) burn time. Here, I share two things you can do to get more burn on.

Ditch the Elevator
Office buildings, malls, hotels, etc. all have multi-floors and all are equipped with elevators and/or escalators to help us get up and down. I have seen some of the fittest among us wait by the automatic doors to go up just a few flights. (May have very well been my own reflection!) But why, when the stairs are easily accessible and ready to go?

You can also use them to change up your cardio routine and never wait for a stair climber again. Trust me, I’ve used many a staircase to bang out a good burn and I have yet to have anyone ask me when I’ll be done so they can get their 25 minutes in.

Even more special… if you know a location that will allow you, you can turn the escalator into a stair mill by treading up the downside. Make sure it’s not at Penn Station though. I almost got arrested for using that one. I know, bad girl!

Go Easy on the Gas
Forgot a few things from your grocery list? How about giving the guzzler a break and picking up the missing items on foot? Even more, strap on an empty backpack to fill at the market and hike back. I’ve coined this one “backpack trails.” It is by far one of my favorite ways to get extra cardio in. Depending on the intensity of your tread and the distance of your grocer, you can burn up to an additional 300 plus calories on this one and truly give meaning to the saying “run errands.” Gotta love it!

If you don’t have time to foot it, at least park as far away from the entrance as possible and don’t grab a cart! Strolling the aisles with a basket gives you a little resistance to work with as well.

Live in a major city and need to get around? Don’t whistle for a taxi! Try walking, biking or even taking the bus or subway. “How can I burn more taking the bus or subway, you ask?” Well, as most subway systems are below ground, it requires some treading up and down stairs. And as the bus doesn’t stop at your doorstep, there is sure to be some walking involved. Just be sure your boots are made for walking.

These are just a few little things but combined with regularly scheduled cardio sessions and weight training, you can turn your body into a constant burning machine!

IFBB figure pro Kenyatta Jones-Arietta
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