Flying Solo this Valentine's Day?

Fitness model Lauren Frahn shares reasons why you can benefit from being single

February 6, 2013
Flying Solo this Valentine's Day?

Well, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And while some of you may be looking forward to a dreamy day with your loved one, others wince at the thought of having to fly solo. Before you single ladies delve into a couple boxes of chocolates and self-loathing, listen up. You don’t need a plus one to enjoy the day, or to feel good about yourself. Here's a couple reasons why you can benefit from being single:

You have more time to focus on your fitness—for you.
Whether or not you are hitched, there is no one more important to look and feel fabulous for than you. You got it—no one! The wonderful thing about exercise is that it spurs the release of endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals that literally help to boost your mood and lift your spirits. When you manage to get in a good workout daily (or at least a few days throughout the week) and eat healthy, you will feel great about yourself. In turn, you’ll be giving off positive energy that makes those around you feel good also, and it may even attract some new people into your life, say, like your Mr. Wonderful!

You can learn a lot about yourself.
Take this time to figure out what really makes you happy, and then do those things. Any actions that you take just to please someone else are extremely difficult to sustain and typically, will not last. So, be committed to finding your joy. Remember, you do not have to look any farther than within yourself in order to do so. One of the greatest fortunes of life is to learn to be genuinely content on your own. Realize that you cannot rely on anyone but yourself to make this happen! Thinking that you need to be in a relationship in order to find your bliss is the wrong approach. You truly must learn to adore you for who you are.

Ladies, it is time to pick those gorgeous heads up and stop feeling so low about flying solo. Turn your Valentine’s Day dismay into a cheerful yay, because you are going to put yourself first today!

Best wishes and blessings!