Get Fit this Summer

Fitness model Lauren Frahn shares her get fit quick tips to help you look your best this summer

June 23, 2013
Get Fit this Summer

The summer is officially here, Hers beauties! While some of you are excited for the sunshine, pool parties, sand, and bathing suits, others are dreading this season and already digging out their cover-ups. If you fall into the latter group, I want to challenge you to come out from under those covers.

We all have things about our bodies that we do not necessarily like (yes, that’s right—we all do!), but that is no reason to hideout and miss the fun to be had this season. Getting (and staying) in shape throughout the summer months comes down to healthy eating and exercise. Here are some quick tips to help get you moving in the right direction. Follow them faithfully, and you’ll be trading in those cover-ups for a flaunt-worthy physique in no time.


> Eat frequent, de-“light”-ful meals
Heavy meals will only make you uncomfortable during the hot, summer days, so you’ll want to stick to eating lighter meals. (You can find lots of delicious recipes here.) Smaller meals, consumed about every three hours, will help keep your metabolism humming along and you’ll blaze more calories.

> Get outside and grill
Leave your frying pans in the cupboards and get outside and grill. Not only will you be enjoying the beautiful weather, you’ll be firing up healthier fare.

> Load up on lots of fruits and veggies
Summer is the perfect time to enjoy ripe, delicious fruits and veggies. For example, treat yourself to a nice, big salad for lunch or dinner (with a lean protein, of course!) and replace high-fat desserts with a fruit salad, instead!

> Drink plenty of liquids
No, not daiquiris and piña coladas—although these can be nice, cool treats when consumed in moderation—but good ole’ water. The energy burning process of metabolism needs water to work efficiently. Plus, helps curb hunger so you’ll feel full longer and it keeps you hydrated while you’re enjoying your time in the sun. So, how much is “enough”? Well, you’ll want to get in a minimum of 8-10 cups per day, possibly even more on days you train hard or spend time in the scorching sun.


> Get your move on!
To get a body that is sizzling hot, you have to make sure that you are feeling the burn. Gym membership or not, it does not matter as long as you are staying active. Physical activity not only helps you look your best but also feel your best. Using the excuse that it is “too cold” no longer holds any water. And if you do not want to hold any water either, then get out and move. Exercise will help to flush out water retention by producing sweat!

> Lift weight
Ladies, move those guys over and hit the weights! I can never say this enough, but I promise that lifting heavy will not make you bulky! It will help you tone and shape in all of the right places.

> Take a dip
Swimming is a great aerobic activity that will get your heart rate up, helping you to burn fat and shed pounds.

> Hit the beach
What does going to the beach have to do with exercise? There are so many options—go for a walk or run along the beach, throw around a football/Frisbee. The beach is also a great place for some HIIT sprints. The resistance of the sand makes your muscles work harder.

Ladies, this is the season that you are going to dare to bare it. Realize that this process of learning to embrace yourself and showing off your hard work will help you to feel amazing. So, stop trying to hide… and show your results with pride!