Slow and Steady

If you want to lose real weight, steer clear of quick-fix diets

October 12, 2012
Slow and Steady

We’ve all heard the fable "The Tortoise and the Hare", right? It tells the story of a race between a slow-moving tortoise and a fast-moving hare. The moral of the story is that you can be more successful doing things slow and steadily rather than quickly and carelessly.
While this lesson applies to so many things in our lives, one of the most important areas is our diet and weight-loss regime. Of course, when it comes to weight loss, most would prefer to be the hare in the race against weight loss. The faster, the better for shedding those unwanted pounds. However, the tortoise ways are best. Why, you ask? It goes back to the age-old adage; slow and steady wins the race!

Many of the trendier weight-loss approaches out there hinge on the claim that you can lose a significant amount of weight fast – “Drink X and lose 10 pounds in two weeks!” or “Eat X and drop a dress size in one week!” Sure, it sounds appealing but here’s the truth: If you want to lose real weight, and by “real” I mean actual pounds of fat, you have to follow a clean-eating plan and exercise regularly. There is nothing magical about it, and any program that claims differently is purely a gimmick. The fact of the matter is, those “magic” diets do not accomplish anything; your scale moves only as a result of shedding a few pounds of water, not fat. And if you want your results to stick, then the type of weight-loss you should be focused on is scorching fat!

You should always be motivated to keep yourself as healthy and fit as possible… not just when you’re trying to fit into a dress for a special occasion. If you’re using a special occasion as your primary source of motivation, those unwanted pounds will eventually come back. Your “magic” diet will only get you so far; eventually you will stop seeing results. You only have so much water to lose, and when you stop losing, you’ll likely get frustrated and give up. Or, you’ll continually bounce from extreme to extreme – gaining and losing water weight. Often, when you starve yourself on extreme diets, you end up being so hungry that you binge. Well, enough with the extremes!

Sure, getting a shotgun start to weight loss seems easier when you have a deadline on your calendar. But that pace is simply not sustainable, nor is it healthy. In order to drop fat and not water or muscle, you must lose weight at a slow and steady pace. (I cannot emphasize that enough!) If quick weight loss were easy, everyone would be walking around at his or her ideal weight! The key is to stick with it for the long run, and I promise that the results you want will come. More importantly, those results will last. Patience, effort and consistency are key!

So, how do you “stick with it” and keep up your motivation? Start by picturing yourself every morning at your ideal weight. How does that ideal weight look? More importantly, how does it make you feel? Allow this feeling to intensify and fuel your motivational fire. Carry this feeling with you all day long… and use it to make nutritious choices at each meal. If thinking about doing this for the long-term is overwhelming, then just take it one meal at a time. There is absolutely nothing that you cannot do.

Remember, the proper plan for weight loss is never a temporary gimmick. Healthy eating is a lifestyle. It means eating properly portioned, well-balanced and nutritious meals every day. You must understand that your weight loss plan is not a race. This is your life, ladies! Maintaining good health is the most important thing you can do for yourself and for all of your loved ones! It is a life-long journey… one meal at a time! I promise that you can make it to your goal!

Best wishes!