Snack Attack

Fitness model Lauren Frahn explains how occasional snacking could be setting you back.

March 28, 2013
Snack Attack

Hey, HERS girls! Today, I want to talk to you about a little habit that could be slowing down your progress big time! While smaller meals throughout the day is certainly encouraged to keep your metabolism humming along, ask yourself if you’re being fully accountable for all the calories you’re consuming in a day. Sometimes people fail to count the tiny nibbles they have here and there, because they think these don’t really count. The truth is, if it’s a calorie, then it counts. And these extra calories can quickly add up to unwanted pounds. If you find yourself indulging in the occasional nibble, you could actually be setting yourself way back.

Are you a nibbler at the office? Find yourself picking from your kids' plates? What seems like a little indulgence here and there adds up, and that applies even in the case of those so-called healthy, fat-free or sugar-free items. What types of items am I referring to? Well, for example, do you:

… drink several cups of coffee every day?
Okay, nothing wrong with coffee itself, unless you’re trying to avoid caffeine. But what exactly are you putting in your coffee? Do you add cream, milk and sugar? Well, that could easily tack on 100 calories per cup! Let’s do the math: consuming three cups of coffee per day would result in an extra (and unaccounted for!) 2100 calories per week. That’s 8400 calories per month and an added 2.3 unwanted pounds! Shocked? Let’s keep going…

… count fruit as a free food?
While you can eat a large amount of vegetables with your properly portioned meals, fruit is not really a free food at all. It is calorie-dense and loaded with sugars. So, if you find yourself tossing an extra banana into your breakfast or an unaccounted for apple into your lunch, just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean you’re doing your body good. Again, let’s do some number crunching: the average banana or apple is roughly 100 calories. This adds up to an extra 5600 calories a month, or 1.5 unwanted pounds! So, that healthy apple (or banana) may be keeping the doctor away, but it’s certainly not helping you keep the unwanted weight away!

… use a lot of condiments?
Contrary to popular belief, the calories in condiments are also not free. If you’ve been smothering your dry chicken and rice in ketchup, yes, that counts! So how do you make your food taste good without blowing up your waistline? Here are some helpful suggestions:
Salad dressing: Instead of regular, lite, or fat-free dressing, opt for vinegar with extra virgin olive oil or freshly squeezed lemon.
Barbecue sauce: Try hot sauce or yellow mustard, or a combination of the two!
Ketchup: Put ketchup on everything? You might as well use sugar! Again, hot sauce or mustard are good alternatives.

You see where I am going with this, ladies. Although those are just a few examples, the point is to be aware of everything you’re consuming in a day. Whether it’s condiments, beverage add-ons, or small nibbles here and there, they count. And those small bites are eventually going to bite you in the behind! You’d be much better off scheduling a sensible snack into your diet plan every once in a while than mindlessly picking throughout the day.

Remember: picking leads to pounds sticking. If you want results that you can see, make sure you are counting every calorie!