Stay True to Yourself

Lauren Frahn talks about staying true to yourself and never letting others opinions distract you from your goals.

May 22, 2013
Stay True to Yourself

Hey, M&F HERS girls! Today I want to talk to you about something that I was definitely guilty of doing for much of my life, and that was trying to be a people-pleaser. The fact is, I wanted everyone to like me and I wanted to be sure to make everyone happy all of the time. Well, it only took a few decades for me to figure this out, but guess what? That is an impossible task and not only is it an unrealistic goal, but it is a self-defeating one as well.

All things considered, I think of myself as a great person—I do my best to be nice to everyone, to help others whenever I get the chance, and to not gossip or speak badly about others. So, for most of my life, I just could not understand why certain people just did not take to me. It literally weighed on my mind if I knew that there was someone who did not like me, for whatever reason. It was only until recently that I quite literally freed myself with the hardcore realization that not everyone is going to like me, and that is perfectly okay. As long as I know that I am being the very best that I can be and following my own heart and dreams, this is all that matters! While it certainly is an adjustment, and will feel uncomfortable at first, I strongly encourage you to try to do the same thing. I promise that you will literally feel like you have removed the handcuffs that you have been wearing for so long.

Understand that everyone has a different norm, and if it doesn’t fit with yours… you don’t have to conform. You have to do what makes you happy. It is so important to not make the mistake of changing your opinions and views just to fit in with those of others. You will never be at your best if you do, and you risk losing your own self-respect in the process.

If you feel strongly about a certain issue, stand your ground! If you like a certain style, but it is just not “in fashion” right now, who cares? Wear it! If you are out to eat and all of your friends are ordering fried apps and cheeseburgers, but you want grilled chicken… order the grilled chicken! If there is a big party after work, but you know that you want to get to bed early so you can wake up and get a good workout in, by all means you can gratefully RSVP with a “No thank you!” Ladies, listen to me… you never have to provide any excuses to be healthy and to make the right choices for you!

Always be you… and know that you are be-you-tiful!