Finding Balance

IFBB bikini pro Lynn Sambuco shares how learning to find balance in her busy life has been an empowering experience

June 22, 2013
Finding Balance

Looking at my lifestyle choices, I begin to widely grin and take pride in the fact that there are many titles to my name and I wear many hats on a daily basis. I am proud of the fact that I am an IFBB bikini pro, fitness model, personal trainer, team owner and coach, published writer, mother and wife. I am busy and I know I am not alone! In 2010, women comprised 47% of the total U.S. labor force and we are growing. The number one question I get asked by my female fans is “How do you do it all?” So often we feel that we must achieve it all as women or we fail. We hold ourselves to very high standards, whether dictated by society or by ourselves. When I am able to self reflect upon a situation where I feel I had previously fallen short, I come to realize that allowing yourself to pull away or take a step back in order to achieve or maintain balance in your life is an invaluable success!

The month of May was an incredible busy month for me. I had made plans to compete in three pro shows. I reasoned that it was a good time to accomplish this because the kids would still be in school, I would have sufficient time to maintain my competition physique and then I would take a break over the summer months to slow down and spend more time with my children. Well, the reality to that plan was the end of the school year brings additional commitments such as dances and transition meetings along with baseball, ice hockey, soccer games and the hubby’s busy work schedule. All of these activities and circumstances require more time and money!

I truly enjoy competing and always have a great time doing shows, but if I would have done my third show I would have put more stress on my family. I would have been gone for three weekends during one month and more money would have going out than coming in. At first when I decided not to do it I felt a sense of disappointment and failure on my part to not be able to go forward with my original plan. Then, as time passed, I was able to self reflect that my failure was not in my lack of being able to complete everything I had planned but in my perception of losing control of a plan that was generated by the standards that I held of me.

In the end, I realized my strength and my own success comes from feeling confident in my choice to step back and prioritize what was important in my life. The reward for balance does not come in the form of a shiny trophy or pride from our own self-imposed standards but in our own consciences, hearts and precious time that we cannot receive back in life.