Building Healthy Kids

Help your children stay healthy now and throughout their lives by encouraging healthy eating and exercise

May 7, 2013
Building Healthy Kids

Being a fit mom comes with its challenges, but it also has many blessings. I was surprised to discover how much my influence has rubbed off on my daughter. My daughter is 20 years old now and in college her second year. One day, I happened to see something left up on the computer. It was my daughter’s health and fitness blog. Of course, I was touched to see that after years of raising her that she was emulating me and in a way that gives me confidence of a parent knowing she will spend the rest of her life caring for her own well being. Her blog had recipes, suggestions for exercise and talked about her own way of dealing with a busy schedule. The blog had been up for a year. Hard to believe I had no idea. I wanted to share it with everyone in the world of course, but she felt shy about it and didn't feel it was "that good". Of course I told her it really is, but rather than push the issue I decided to let her do her thing in private rather than blast it on Facebook as I often do!

About six months has gone by and I'm still itching to share how great it is that my daughter is staying fit and healthy and now inspiring other girls her age with her blog. You hear about the Freshman 15, but she has lost weight not gained it. About two weeks ago, I discovered something else, my daughter had a Muscle & Fitness Hers blog by, guess who? Her Mom – me! I could not believe I was actually on her Facebook wall. At one time, I was not allowed to post anything on her Wall and I’m not sure I was even suppose to exist since there was never even a photo up of me on there. She used to be embarrassed by my bikini competition photos, now my daughter has me up every time I blog and is sharing how proud she is of me. I officially feel like I am her role model and a great one at that! There is nothing more flattering in the world than your own child thinking highly of you. I can't tell you how proud I felt especially when the other girls were commenting and saying, "wow, that's your mom!” I guess I no longer have to tone it down; I can be me without her fearing her friends will think I am weird. I have reached the “cool” status, finally after all these years!

One day she was really frustrated and was explaining how she has been trying to help a girl who is constantly talking about her diet. The girl has a lot of misconceptions about how to lose weight and was talking about eating pasta at night and how she eats a lot of fruit. My daughter instantly explained that was the worst thing she could do and those all convert to sugar and it will lead to bodyfat especially if she eats those things at night. I realized not only did my daughter have some solid facts under her belt now, but that she also may have used my blog as a point for her friends at school to see. Maybe now they will respect her expertise!

The beautiful fact is she not only does understand how food affects the body, but she sees the influence I am having on my clients and on Facebook with my blogs. She associates it with something positive. She also understands that managing her body, staying fit and healthy will be a lifetime effort. She is always searching for recipes now on Muscle & Fitness hers and looking for things she can do in the gym. It’s neat when your child starts tagging you on things you are not aware of or a great recipe that you can make together.

As a mom, we work very hard to steer our children in the right direction and we can do it in such a way that our children associate it with something negative. When we are just being ourselves and working at our goals, we may not realize, but our children our watching how we respond to stress, what the outcome of what we achieve is, how people respond to us and this sets a tone. When we are not forcing our views on them, they are more open than ever and are like a sponge. They respond well to our smile, validation we get and the fact that we are a success in what we set out to do. It's how we relate to it that tells them the story of what is right or wrong. I look back now and laugh because there was a time when I used to try and sneak protein powder in her pancake mix and once she caught me she knew never to trust me again. She wanted nothing to do with protein powder in her pancakes, but now she won't eat anything, but protein pancakes. Life is full of surprises. I realize now what they mean when they say; everything comes back around full circle. All we really have to do is trust, think positive and believe in our kids to determine what is best for their own fate!

Michelle Johnson
Transformation Specialist