Random Acts of Fitness

What if we brought random acts of kindness into the arena of health and wellness?

June 12, 2013
Random Acts of Fitness

Everyone knows the phrase “random act of kindness” and what it means: a kind word, holding a door open, giving someone a hot meal, or helping others rebuild—something we saw after the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. Random, of course, can be anytime or anywhere, and often involves an exchange between strangers. So here’s a thought: What if we brought random acts of kindness into the arena of health and wellness?

People who see me in the gym often ask for my help. Instead of offering a quick answer, I make time to demon- strate and explain proper form and movement. Sometimes I’ll pull out a notebook and jot down an outline of a workout or meal plan. I truly believe that as fitness professionals, it is our calling to inform and help others bridge their way to a healthier lifestyle. As editor-in-chief of Muscle & Fitness Hers I am blessed with the opportunity to perform these random acts of fitness constantly—and so are you. With our combined years of knowledge and experience we already know how to make ourselves look and feel better, but our job and passion is to instill knowledge in readers, friends, family, and yes, even strangers.

That’s where you, our readers, come in. You don’t have to be a fitness editor, trainer, or professional in the field. You just have to have the desire to help others around you. Everyone knows someone who wants to exercise but is too embarrassed or intimidated to visit a gym. Reach out, take them there, and offer your help. Introduce them to a fun group class, or set them up on the treadmill for a short walk—anything to get them through the door. One of two things will happen: It won’t make an impression, or it will change their lives. Where do you think I’m putting my money? Maybe you’re in the gym and you see someone struggling or doing a movement that could cause injury. Approach politely and offer your advice. In my experience, most people are receptive and thank- ful. The worst that can happen is that they’ll tell you to bug off; the best is that you helped prevent an injury.

A random act of fitness doesn’t always have to be exercise related. Helping a shopper pick out a healthier food at the grocery store or holding an elderly person’s bag or cart while they’re descending subway or apartment stairs is a small but meaningful act. Maybe you have a co-worker, family member, or friend who needs support to quit smoking or lose weight. Let them know you’re there to support them in their brave journey toward change. You don’t have to be an expert to share something you’ve learned or offer a hand to help.

I encourage all of you to choose a family member, friend, boss, co-worker, or someone to help. I, myself, am thankful for those who helped and encouraged me when I first came to this country from Romania and then again when I entered the fitness world. Join me, and the entire Muscle & Fitness Hers team in performing random acts of fitness. Together we can make those in need healthier and happier. What is your random act of fitness? E-mail me at randomacts@hers-mag.com, and let me know.

Yours in fitness,
Mona Muresan,