Go Figure: Week One Begins

Nicole Adamo shares her thoughts on her first week of dieting and training for the Atlantic States

March 15, 2012
Go Figure: Week One Begins

Going into this I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but after my first encounter with Carlo and Tatyana I realized how much of an understatement that really was.

The first thing we did was go over the diet. I’m laughing out loud right now! Why? Because my face must have been priceless. I am 21 years old. Let me paint you a picture: About a year or two ago I was seeing this guy. He bought me a whole cheesecake, and let me tell you, that night was the highlight of my life over about a 4-month period. Point is, I love food. And I love to cook. But I hate restrictions.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dieted before. But with my crazy schedule, I literally eat like a child – some days I eat Goldfish for breakfast, and other days I don’t eat at all. I’ll tell you right now, the thought of saying goodbye to Oreo cookies gave me the worst anxiety ever! I’m not sure what I expected.

So, my first lesson: Toss all expectations when embarking on something new. My first training session with Carlo was nothing at all like I had anticipated. We trained back, and while I knew all eyes were on me, I thought he would at least let me off easy seeing as it was the first day. Nope! So here’s how my first day went: My hair tie broke; I was stuck in traffic trying to get there on time; and I was already sweating profusely before I even walked through the gym door. Off to a really good start, right? To help keep my motivation (and energy) up, I had to keep reminding myself that it isn’t how you start that matters; what’s important is how you finish.

The exercises Carlo had me do, which were probably really simple, made me realize how out of shape I was. And to be honest, I was kind of pissed that I let myself get to that. I started to feel really down – though I tried not to show it. But I used that as fuel. That’s the hard-ass Italian in me.

Halfway through the workout, I started to think about all the instances in my life where I had thrown in the towel and quit before achieving my goal; all the things that I wanted but didn’t work hard enough for; all the things I missed out on because I made excuses; and all the things I could have done if I had just put my mind to it. There was no way I was going to mess this one up. There was no chance in hell anyone was going to hear me say, “I can’t”.

I knew that now in the current mental state I had been getting myself into I wouldn’t have agreed to this challenge if I wasn’t ready to go all in. I know I want it bad, but wanting it isn’t going to be enough. It’s time to prove myself through hard work and dedication – both of which, for a while, I had lost sight of their importance in life.

I’m ready now. I’m on the road to Atlantic States ... there’s no looking in the rear view mirror anymore. That first day I told myself, eyes on the prize! I have three months, one hell of a support system and absolutely no time for excuses. It’s time for me to bring it!

Nicole Adamo