Fitness Model Body Prep Secrets: Part 1

Noora Kuusivuori shares tips on how to prepare for photo shoots as a fitness model

March 21, 2013
Fitness Model Body Prep Secrets: Part 1

A lot of M&F Hers readers are pretty hardcore fitness girls or even physique sport athletes. Some of you might be preparing for something special like a photo shoot to capture your body at its peak condition or maybe a special occasion. How are you preparing for those situations when you want to look your best? Here are some things to try if you need to see some results fairly quickly.

As a fitness model staying in shape is a lifestyle, not something you do once you get a modeling job. Depending on the gig, you might have a very short time to prepare and to look like you do in the pictures that the editor or company booking you hired you based on. This means clean eating and training year round. This is key for these methods to really work. I personally try to stay within a few pounds of where I feel comfortable shooting and never go too crazy with my carbohydrates. Everyone is different though; carbs can be just what another person needs to keep their metabolism humming.

When I need to gear up in a matter of days, the first thing that I do is add intensity and time to my cardio sessions. I try not to overuse my most powerful cardio weapons like sprints, super incline treadmill workouts and intervals on the stair master too often, that way I’ll have ammo left to use when I need it. Then I can pull all those weapons out when I need them the most. I generally do one steady session each day and another one where I crank up the intensity to max or close to max effort intervals.

The next thing to change is the diet. Ideally you eat clean all the time, and that means you don’t have as many things that you can manipulate compared to someone who has more splurges on a regular basis. One thing you can do though, is switch your protein to tilapia. It’s the lowest calorie fish and a good source of protein. When I’m getting ready for something, I drop the chicken, turkey and egg whites since they are a little higher in calories and the egg whites are also high in sodium. With my protein, I eat green vegetables at every meal. Asparagus is especially good since it is a natural diuretic and helps you get rid of excess water. Spinach is another favorite for its nutritional value. I love broccoli but it can bloat my stomach at times so I don't have as much of it as I usually do. Once you figure out what works for your body, stick with it at these times when you are "prepping" for something to eliminate surprises that might slow your progress down.

Another thing to do is to start taking vitamin C and a Multi B-vitamin four times a day. This will ensure that your body is not holding on to unnecessary water at least a week before you want to “peak.” There are no negative side effects from the additional vitamins; your body will automatically eliminate what it can’t use.

For more tips, read my next blog, Part 2 to this article. I’ll be teaching you about depletion workouts so you’ll definitely want to stay tuned.

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