Making Resolutions Stick

Make this the year you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals with these tips from IFBB pro Patrice Vignola

January 26, 2013
Making Resolutions Stick

So here we are more than half way through the first of the month of the New Year. The resolutions have been made, there’s great energy in the air… all of us eager to start fresh and set new goals. Good luck finding an available treadmill or Step Mill at the gym no matter what time of day it is. But the dreaded doldrums of winter soon creep in and sometimes cause our level of enthusiasm and motivation to slowly dwindle. We all know what that feels like, no matter what level of fitness you fall into—whether you’re a beginner or a competitor. What’s really important is how you fight through those feelings and get yourself moving towards accomplishing your goals. Let me give you some advice on how to stay on point.

First, keep yourself busy. Being a fit mom, IFBB pro figure competitor, business owner and personal trainer/coach, my schedule stays pretty packed, to say the least. I find that the busier my calendar is the more productive I become because there is no time for me to procrastinate.

Second, I have found that setting realistic goals that fit your schedule and lifestyle are key. Always have a backup plan in case something unexpected gets thrown into your set schedule (as if there is such a thing as a set schedule for us moms!). If you’re like me, it gets blown up almost every day. That, combined with the dreary winter can easily distract you from your goals. But not this year! Remember, us moms are great multitaskers and always seem to get everything done. Here’s what I do, and what I suggest to my clients in helping reach their goals:

BE PREPARED. Every Sunday I prepare my meals for the upcoming week and package them as individual servings so all I have to do is pack my cooler daily and go.

LOOK AT YOUR CALENDER. Make sure you set times each week (because week to week may change as far as your schedule goes) for your training and try not to sacrifice those times, even if you have to open up early morning or late evening time slots to fit them into your busy schedule. I personally love to get in a cardio session first thing in the morning when I can really enjoy my alone time.

DON’T GIVE UP. If you should fall off track one day, don’t let it discourage you and lead into a whole week of setbacks. We are all human. We will all have our ups and downs in our life journeys. Falling down is not failure, but the failure comes when you don’t get back up!

Next time, I’ll share some tips on my meals and how you can eat healthy when you eat out. Until then, treat yourself to a sugar-free hot chocolate on those very cold days when you decided to go for it!

Train Hard, Live Healthy & Enjoy Life,

Patrice Vignola
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