5 Life Lessons From Your Kids

Sometimes the best unexpected and surprising life lessons are learned from your own kids

January 24, 2013
5 Life Lessons From Your Kids

I just arrived home from the school tryouts, and I’m can’t help but smile at how cute these kids were. Who knew volunteering to help out with an elementary school talent show could be so inspiring! Kids are so amazing, so innocent and have so much to learn. At the same time, when you stop to really pay attention, watch and listen to them, there’s also so much we can learn from these kids. Today, I was reminded of some life lessons that I believe we all know intuitively and somehow lose site of in our oh so serious adult world.

Here are a few I was reminded of today:

"Be yourself. Embrace your uniqueness regardless of what anyone might think."
As I helped to line each act up and got them ready for their big moment, I saw nothing but confident, eager kids anxious to share their talent with others. I’ll remember this next time I step on stage. You can only be your best you, and no one else does that better.

"There’s only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve...the fear of failure."
Surprisingly, none of these kids were nervous or worried. They were fearless, and I was absolutely amazed at how they could just jump right in to a new situation without over analyzing it. As adults, sometimes we hesitate too much and come up with excuses to stall, mostly because we're really just afraid to fail. Kids simply live in the moment and have fun, and I love that!

"Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.”
One of young girls realized she had brought the wrong music just as she was about to go on stage. Ironically, it was the mom who panicked and the daughter who reassured her that it was fine for tryouts. “It’s okay, I can always sing without the music," the little girl said. And without an ounce of worry or hesitation, she went on stage and did an incredible job! What I love more than the confidence is that kids are already well aware of the fact that no one ever gets it 100% right the first time, and we're stronger than any obstacles in the way of something we really want.

"Don't wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect."
Some acts were well practiced and prepared. Others needed more time to practice and tie up loose ends. Then there were those who I think just decided what they were going to do right before tryouts! But what amazed me was that they didn’t let that deter them. Instead, they were eager to dive in no matter what without any excuses. If you want something, there's no time better than the present to start going after it!

"Believe in yourself.”
Kids view the world with endless possibility and adventure. They believe anything is possible, and their imaginations have no limits. Maybe that explains why they were so incredibly enthusiastic, courageous and confident. Imagine how awesome it would be if everyone stayed like that forever… never lost sight of our imagination, kept dreaming big and always chased our dreams with the confidence of a 10 year old!

Well, I guess you could say we can all benefit from a little childish thinking at times. If there’s something you want start now, don’t let anything stop you. Be bold and courageous, and let your creativity run wild. Above all, be confident and believe in yourself!

Patty Zariello
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