Want to Change Your Body?

Pauline gives you the lowdown on how to get the body you want

February 14, 2012
Want to Change Your Body?

You want to change your body? Here are the rules:

1. First, decide if you need to focus most on losing fat or gaining muscle. If you mostly need to lose fat and believe there is plenty of muscle underneath, still keep up the weight training and strive to become stronger and lift more weight since fat reduction usually leads to muscle reduction as well. You need to kill it at cardio time and kill it at muscle training.

You save your metabolism from going downhill if you stimulate the muscle you have as much as possible.

If you need to gain muscle more than you need to lose fat (for instance, if you are skinny fat), then you need to really work hard on getting stronger and lift more weights, so do not attempt to do cardio before your weight training sessions. Why? Because when you are pre-fatigued from cardio, you won't be able to train as hard. You should include cardio, but do it intensely and do shorter sessions, not long marathon sessions. You don't have enough muscle to support such catabolic activity.

2. Eat for fat loss, train for muscle gain. This means you shall eat the majority of calories around the time your body will use them as energy: for breakfast and after your training sessions. Do not add tons of carbs after your workouts because you read that's great for muscle building: this will keep you fat as your total calories are going to be too high.

3. Do not start to eat bigger portions of rice, oatmeal etc. because you need it to train hard. When dieting for fat loss, you must remember your goal is not performance only, it's weight loss. If you eat more, you will just stay fat.

4. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time. You are not on a 'biggest loser' camp. You are not training 8 hours a day. Do not expect los to lose 30 lbs in a month! If you expect this, you will lose patience when you realize it is not going to "happen over night" -- just like it didn't when you gained all that weight.

5. Don't trust your perception of exertion. Get yourself a heart rate monitor for goodness sake! What you might find is challenging, your body might find is something totally fine to do. You need to push harder than you think in order to keep on reaping rewards.

6. Do not buy the crap about eating lots of whole grain and olive oil will slim you down. Whole grain is just as energy rich as refined grain. Both are easily turned into body fat. The last thing you need tons of if you want to shed pounds is tons of calories. Grains have tons of calories. So does olive oil.

7. Do not trust your instincts on what's a portion or how much something weighs. Get that food scale and use it! It won't help you being in denial and no, you are not super gifted and know exactly each thing's serving size on top of your mind. Also, what is a serving for the average person? It's not the same for everyone.

8. Remember that protein is also not something you can eat freely. It's calories. Yes, it builds muscle but it also builds fat if you eat more than needed.

9. You don't necessarily need to eat six whole meals a day to lose fat. You can replace three meals with protein shakes. For instance Vp2 whey protein (www.ast-ss.com). A serving has only 105 calories, and the protein you need. Plus, you will get more fluids in that way too. No need to be a slave in the kitchen!

10. Enjoy the process. Learn to love the changes you do not see from day to day, but from week to week. You need patience. You need to keep a positive attitude. You need to pay attention.

11. Work constantly on finding sources of inspiration. Where do you go when your motivation drops? What's your plan? What do you do when you need to pick yourself up before it goes wrong? Find those sources. And visit them frequently! Staying committed takes work.

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