Get the Most From Your Cardio

IFBB pro Raechelle Chase shares tips on how to get the most out of your cardio sessions

May 9, 2013
Get the Most From Your Cardio

Cardio can be the least fun part of getting in shape, sure it’s fun when you’re in the mood but when you aren’t it can be a huge drag, I want to share some of the tricks I use to motivate myself to do it and make the most out of it.

Find something good to watch.
For me it makes a huge difference if I have something good to watch, I’m a big customer of itunes and will choose television series that have 45min episodes which is a perfect time frame for cardio, it also helps if they are the soap opera type show where you always want to find out what is going to happen next.

Set Goals
Once I’m doing my cardio I find a great way to keep the intensity up and not just go through the motions is to set goals for myself usually I will do this with distance and time, I will either try to go a further distance in the same amount of time or try to do the same distance in a shorter time.

Keep it interesting
Doing the exact same kind of cardio day after day can become so boring I like to mix it up as much as possible and usually will switch between pieces of cardio equipment mid workout I use various combinations of equipment all the time usually treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, recumbent cycle and stepper. With all these choices it is far less boring.

Take it outside
When the weather permits I sometimes like to take it outside and go for a walk or occasional cycle it’s not something I do very often but on a nice day it can make a great change from being stuck outside, when I do opt for outdoor cardio I always make sure I have good energizing music to listen to. Its important to keep fitness fun so it doesn't feel like work or a chore. Because It is of course a way of life, not something you do for a day.