It’s Just a Number

IFBB bikini pro Sandi Forsythe explains why the scale is not an accurate measure of your progress

April 29, 2013
It’s Just a Number

I have seen so many recent Facebook posts, and overheard conversations about women and their weight. One such conversation went something like this, “I weighed myself this morning and was happy with the number—good day; then I weighed myself before bed and got a different number, so upsetting.” It seems as though women are obsessed with the number on the scale rather than how they feel. Why do so many women obsesses about the number on the scale, and what does it really tell you? The number staring at you after you have stepped on that scale is merely a number; it does not take into account your body frame, height, or your activity level. Weight can be use as an indicator of progress; however obsessing over the number is counterproductive in several ways.

First, just because you gain weight does not necessarily indicate you are not progressing with your goals. Muscle weighs more than fat so as you gain muscle your weight may increase slightly. Keep in mind that your body weight is an indicator and should be just that: an indicator, not an end all be all of whether you’re on track.

So when should you weigh yourself and what does your weight tell you?

Another tip is to set realistic goals and expectations. If you are looking to lose weight keep in mind that there is a healthy and unhealthy way to do it. Losing several pounds a week, week after week is typically not recommended and can be counterproductive to your end goal. Look at the big picture—it’s not what the scale says one day but what trends you see over time (this is why I like weighing once a week and logging weight). Both gaining and lose weight takes time and to track true progress using a scale you must understand that the number is just one indicator of your success.

I often tell women to listen to their bodies: how they feel, how their clothes fit, hungry level, and energy level. When you begin to firm your body often the scale will not reflect the change as quickly. However if you pay attention to how you feel, and how your clothes fit you may see results quicker.

At the end of the day we don’t walk around with our weight posted to our foreheads so remember it’s just a number not an overall indication of health. The goal is to feel good, be confident, and maintain good overall health.

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