Living Clean

No matter what your goal is training, proper nutrition, and healthy living does not have to consume you.

June 10, 2013
Living Clean

Whether you’re training and eating with a specific goal in mind or just working to maintain health, clean eating and training do not have to consume you. Often people ask me what I am training for; sometimes I am training to step on stage and other times I’m simply training because I love to train—I love the results and how I feel. Maybe your goal is to step on stage for a show, or train for a marathon, or maybe you just simply want to be a fit, healthy mom.

No matter what your goal is training, proper nutrition, and healthy living does not have to consume you. Often people ask me how many hours I spend each day in the gym, and most assume I spend endless hours per day working to perfect my physique. This is not the case. As a mommy of triplets and working on finishing my master’s degree, I simply do not have time for that! I have come up with a few ways to maintain balance in my everyday life and still find time to hit the gym.

Weight Training: yes weight training is essential and I love my weight-training sessions. I generally break up my weight training into four 45-55 minute sessions per week. I work hard during each session and often do supersets to keep my heart rate high. Most weeks I fit in four sessions but some weeks are simply too busy to get all four in, and three has to work. When I’m training for a show if I cannot make the fourth session I will try to do all body groups in three sessions to ensure I’m hitting each area.

Cardiovascular Training: it may sound strange but I love cardiovascular training and feel it’s a great way to boost my energy for the day! A 45-minute interval blast each morning is part of my routine and I enjoy the quiet 45 minutes with my head phones in just for me! Sometimes I do this cardio session at home on a machine, at the gym, or outdoors.

Eating clean for life: of course when I’m preparing for a show my diet is more restricted, however, I still try to keep it interesting and fun. Healthy eating does not mean cutting out food groups all together, restricting your calorie intake to the point of starvation, or skipping meals. Healthy eating should include listening to your body, knowing when to eat and when to stop. Healthy eating can also include allowing yourself to have a treat once in a while.

Routine: once you have established a healthy eating routine, and workout routine you will find it becomes part of your life. Once a healthy routine is a part of your life you will find that living healthy is not a chore, and you feel better both mentally and physically when you’re living healthy.

Listen to your body, establish routines, and know that balance is the key to healthy living!

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