Making Time for Fitness

You're a busy mom—we know. But that doesn't mean you can't make time to get fit. Here, bikini pro Sandi Forsythe shares tips to help busy moms stay motivated and on track

February 4, 2013
Making Time for Fitness

Let’s face it, as a busy mom it's tough to find time for the gym and stay motivated 100% of the time. I know several moms who start dieting/working out and after a couple weeks they fall off the workout wagon, so to speak. So how do you keep yourself motivated to get to the gym, stay excited about your workouts, and stay on the wagon when it comes to your diet? Start simple.

First, you want to establish a goal. Take time each week to set a mini goal to achieve throughout the week. Maybe it’s to get in the gym four days out of seven, or to eat clean throughout the week, or even to lift heavier weights while maintaining proper form. Whatever your mini goal is, write it down. Once you have established your mini goals for each week of the month, establish a monthly goal. This goal will be a little larger—it could be to drop five pounds, to eat clean throughout the month or to workout 20 days out of a 30-day month. Whatever this goal is, choose a reward for reaching it. Of course, the reward should not be food, but rather something you do for you. Maybe your reward is to buy a new pair of pants, get a manicure, or treat yourself to a relaxing day at the spa. Whatever the case may be, the reward should be established with the goals so you know what you’re working for, keeping you motivated.

Some ladies lose motivation after the first month because they become fixated with the number on the scale. Naturally, when you change your routine with diet and exercise, you may see an immediate and drastic drop in weight. This can be very motivating and encouraging. However, all too often this dramatic drop will begin to slow and not occur week after week. Don’t get discouraged by the number, and don’t give up! I suggest weighing yourself only once per week. Log your weight and remember it’s just a number—stay motivated by how you feel on your diet and workout routine.

Staying motivated can be a challenge when family or friends are tempting you with the very foods you have sworn to stay away from. So, to keep myself on track, I like to post pictures of from my competitions on my fridge. When I feel the urge to splurge, I am instantly reminded of what my goals are. If you don’t have pictures of yourself at a “healthier” time in your life, use pictures of others who motivate or inspire you.

Lastly, because us moms are so busy and often take care of everyone before taking care of our own needs, preparation is key. Pre-planning meals ahead of time and establishing weekly workout times is truly the key to staying on track. I like to prepare all my meals for the week on Sunday nights and kick off my plan first thing Monday morning. New week, new goals, new challenges.

I truly believe that staying motivated both in the gym and in the kitchen is half the battle. Establish your goals, write them down, reward yourself, prepare, and don’t get consumed with the number on the scale!

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