Not Seeing Results? Get Planning

Plan a week's worth of healthy dishes and snacks—and see better results, pronto!

January 28, 2013
Not Seeing Results? Get Planning

You know the old saying, “you are what you eat”… well, it’s true! This week I am reminded of just how important nutrition is in maintaining good health and physical wellbeing. All too often we use food for reasons other than nourishing our bodies. Too many people live to eat, rather than eating to live! We use food to celebrate, to reward our kids, to feel better, and so on. We need to look at food in a different way.

The other day a woman approached me in the gym and said, “I have been working out for several months now and I cannot seem to lose weight.” My first thought was, what is she doing in the kitchen? In my opinion, you cannot work off bad nutrition. After talking for a while I discovered that her nutrition was holding her back from seeing the results she desired.So many moms tell me they cook the way they do because their kids don’t like vegetables, or “healthy foods.” Well I’m here to tell you, you’re setting your child’s habits now, and what they see you eat is what they most often will want to eat. Bottom line: if you stock your pantry with crap, your kids will eat crap. Making a lifestyle change for you as a mom will affect your whole family. Setting health habits now for your children will help them make healthy choices when they are given options later.

So how do you change your families eating habits? Let’s start with the weekly trip to the grocery store. I like to create a meal plan for the family each week; a list of what I will make for dinners as well as healthy snack options. Based off this meal plan, I create my shopping list. The grocery store can be a dangerous place, with temptation around every corner, but stick to the list and you should be safe.

Staples in my cart are lots of vegetables, fruits that are easy for kids to eat without help, lean proteins, oatmeal, almond milk, nuts, Greek yogurt, sweet potatoes, and whole grain cereals.

Once home from the store I like to chop fruit and vegetables and portion them into zip lock bags so they are easy to grab on the go. My kids can then grab bags of fruit or vegetables for a quick snack. I also like to make bags of trail mix or homemade granola bars for an afternoon energy boost. The key to healthy eating is preparation. When you have healthy food on hand, you’re less likely to binge on junk food.

Another key to healthy eating is to eat smaller, more frequent meals. By eating more frequently you don’t allow yourself to get to the point of starvation. I often hear moms say, “I skipped breakfast to help me lose weight.” That is one of the worst things you can do. Eating 6-7 smaller meals throughout the day will help you avoid the afternoon crash and burn. It’s not about starving yourself; it’s about eating healthy throughout the day and making choices based on what your body needs rather than what you want. If you do this long enough you will learn that what your body needs is actually what you want. I like to think of it this way: is what I’m putting in my body a good source of fuel for me or is it simply empty calories?

Think about it. Are you eating to live or living to eat? All the hours in the gym cannot replace constant binge eating and sugar overdoses. Next time you crave that sugary drink or high-sugar snack ask yourself: have I prepared healthy options for the week, have I eaten 6-7 smaller meals throughout the day to avoid binge eating, and have I selected foods that will fuel my body rather than empty calories that will serve no purpose.

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